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Directors of Studies

Language Link prides itself on having a strong team of Directors of Studies to support the teaching body, provide quality academic support and ensure the high standard of our academic programmes. A Director of Studies needs the qualifications and experience to be able to do this effectively. Experience and TEFL qualifications alone are not enough to guarantee one success in this role, but qualifications and experience along with the right personality type make for a formidable combination. It is this 'formidable combination' which forms the core of Language Link's academic management team. In order to understand the type of Director of Studies that Language Link is looking to hire, a Profile has been presented below.

Director of Studies Profile

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for qualified teachers with at least three years' experience, who are interested in acquiring or adding to their teaching experience through an academic management role whilst working in the developing economies of Central and Eastern Europe, and South East Asia.

What are we looking for?

In hiring Directors of Studies teachers, Language Link looks for qualifications, personality, commitment and approach. The role of a Director of Studies typically involves teaching a set number of academic hours each week, carrying out observations and tutorials, running teacher training sessions and workshops, assisting in materials preparation and general academic support.

Qualifications: A TEFL or TESOL qualification forms the framework around which all other criteria are evaluated, and though these other criteria are of no less importance to the holistic approach that we take to staff selection, they are, admittedly, more difficult to measure. Acceptable qualifications include:

RSA/ Cambridge or Trinity College London Certificate, or equivalent; or, RSA/ Cambridge Diploma or Trinity College Licentiate Diploma; or, PGCE with TEFLA/ TESOL University degree or equivalent.  Please note that an equivalent TEFL certificate programme should include 100 - 120 hours of classroom instruction AND 6 - 8 hours of observed, practical classroom instruction. Applicants for the position of Director of Studies are regarded more highly when it is demonstrated that they have shown a commitment to their personal development through obtaining a diploma level qualification.

Furthermore, other relevant professional qualifications such as being an examiner for Cambridge ESOL or IELTS examinations are also viewed highly.

Experience: While previous experience in an academic management role is not a requirement, teaching experience is essential. The minimum level required for a Director of Studies is two years' full-time teaching. In order to be able to support the wide range of teaching programmes Language Link runs, a Director of Studies should have experience teaching Beginner – Upper-Intermediate as well as at least one exam level class. He/she should have experience teaching adults, teens and young learners. Teacher training experience while not a requirement is also an asset.

Personality: Much of the success that a Director of Studies will enjoy will result from his or her ability to be flexible, open-minded, quick thinking and outgoing. In that the role involves supporting teachers, excellent people skills are needed to know how to read and react to situations of both an academic and pastoral nature.

Commitment: The job of Director of Studies is not easy. It requires your time and energy. As such, a willingness to work hard and see the job as a significant step in a long-term career, either in or outside EFL is essential. So, too, is a willingness to give of oneself and one's skills to people who are depending upon them. No less important is a willingness to learn and continue one's own professional development.

Reliability: A Director of Studies must lead by example through a commitment to the company's standards of professionalism. This includes excellent time-keeping, dress code, and paperwork.

Approach: A Director of Studies should show that they have a sound foundation in the principles of communicative teaching methodology in their approach. However, in joining Language Link, a Director of Studies should recognise that they are joining a company with well-established principles and procedures and be willing and flexible to adapt these ideas.

Finally, be prepared to overcome problems, to adapt to a new way of life and to build friendships in a different environment.

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