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Jobs in Russia

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General Openings for 2017

Every year, especially in September and spilling over into October, Language Link has dozens of opening for qualified and experienced EFL teachers, teachers-in-training, work-studies and volunteers. If you are interested in working in Russia and Language Link looks like the kind of school that you would like to work for, then simply fill in the appropriate online application form and we’ll get back to you right away. At this time, Language Link is accepting applications for the 2017-18 academic year. As noted, most centres have not yet determined their actual teacher needs for 2017-18 and so are designated TBD. As it is still early in the year, most of our present teachers have not yet decided whether they will continue with the company or 'hang up their spurs'. Regardless, most centres will have openings though that said small centres usually fill up quickly. Therefore when you list your posting preferences on the online application form, please keep this in mind.

To assist you in determining whether you may apply for any particular vacancy, please refer to the codes which follow immediately hereafter.

Teacher Category

Category 1: EFL teacher with TEFL qualification
Category 2: EFL teacher with experience but without TEFL qualification
Category 3: Teacher Intern
Category 4: TEL teacher (German, French, Italian or Spanish foreign language teacher)
Category 5: Director of Studies

Teaching Venue

CS: Central School
BS: Branch School
InC: In-company

Openings in Russia for August/ September 2017

CityVenueTeaching CategoryEFL Vacancies Submit Application
Moscow CS1 & 2 2openings (English) + 1 opening (French)Apply
Moscow InC CS1 & 2 1 openingApply
Moscow BS CS1, 2, 3 & 4 3openingApply
Moscow Kids CentreBS32openings Apply
Moscow ZelenogradCS1 & 26openings Apply
Moscow Outskirts* CS1 & 2 20 openingsApply
ObninskCS1 & 2No openingsApply
CherkesskCS1, 2 & 3No openingsApply
St. Petersburg CS1 & 2 TBD (applications being accepted)Apply
PushkinCS1, 2 & 3TBD (applications being accepted)Apply
PetergofCS1, 2 & 3TBD (applications being accepted)Apply
Volgograd CS1 & 2 2openingsApply
Rostov-na-Donu CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Shakhty CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Samara CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Stavropol CS1 & 2 2openingsApply
Orenburg CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Ufa CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Sterlitamak CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Armavir CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Novocherkassk CS1 & 2 No openingsApply

* Moscow Outskirt schools include Zelenograd, Korolev, Mitischie, Balashika, Butovo, Dolgoprudnye, Domodedova, Skhodnya, Khimki, Orekhovo-Zuevo and Electrostal (see map for locations and below for openings).

Openings in Moscow Outskirt Schools

CityVenueTeaching CategoryEFL Vacancies Submit Application
Zelenograd CS1, 2 & 36 openingsApply
Korolev CS1, 2 & 34 openingsApply
Mytishi CS1, 2 & 3 5openingsApply
Dolgoprudny CS1, 2 & 3 1 openingApply
Khimki CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Orekhovo-Zuevo CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Pavlovo CS1 & 2 3 openingsApply
Butovo CS1 & 2 2openingsApply
Balashikha CS1, 2 & 3 No openingsApply
Domodedovo CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Skhodnya CS1 & 2 No openingsApply
Electrostal CS1 & 2 No openingsApply

Openings in Kazakhstan

CityVenueTeaching CategoryEFL Vacancies Submit Application
Atyrau CS 1 & 2 1 opening Apply

Please note that openings are subject to change quickly.

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