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Chris Poulton

If you’re reading this, the chances are that youd like to come to Russia but arent quite sure whether to make that decisive step and finally commit yourself. All I can say is that for any teacher, qualified or not, Language Link will make the transition as painless and as pleasurable as possible.

For me, the schools main strength lies in the quality of care it extends to its teachers, ranging from hassle-free accommodation in safe, adequate flats, to free healthcare, and an administrative team that is not only friendly but very efficient and will do its best to make your time in Russia a really enjoyable and memorable one.

If youre considering Language Link, I cant recommend it any more highly. Although the salary is less than you would get in Britain, its more than enough to live on in Moscow and besides, LL more than makes up for it by offering the ‘complete package. Had I not been offered a job at a university, I would certainly have stayed at LL for a fourth year. I dont regret one bit coming to the school and will always remember my three years there as the most interesting and exciting time of my life. I hope you will too!

Language Link
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