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Assessment & Certificates

Candidates are assessed continuously throughout and the course in ALL aspects of the course; specifically: teaching practice, written assignments, capacity for self-evaluation, the ability to develop and work as a teacher which includes professionalism, attendance, punctuality, liaising and working with colleagues.

Candidates are required to maintain a portfolio throughout the course which includes: lesson plans and materials, self-evaluations, tutors feedback on teaching practice, written assignments and a Candidate Record Booklet. This must be submitted for assessment to the external assessor appointed by UCLES and to the centre for the final assessment.

The final grade issued to a candidate is agreed unanimously by all the course tutors and the external assessor appointed by UCLES.

Successful candidates will receive a CELTA certificate with one of the following Grades: A, B or C. Other candidates will receive a letter from UCLES.

Results and certificates are normally issued two months after course completion.

Language Link provides all candidates with a CELTA report which can be used as a reference for future employers or for further training courses.

Quality Assurance

All centres which offer CELTA courses are required to submit a training plan, timetable, details of assessment and assignments to UCLES in order to become validated. All CELTA course tutors must be approved by UCLES and each centre/CELTA course is assessed by an external assessor appointed by UCLES concerning the course provision, training and assessment.

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