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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Mission Statement

In 1994, Language Link entered the Russian market with the mission of becoming its most highly respected provider of language services. In order to make this goal a reality, Language Link Russia was tasked with creating a strategy capable of linking corporate success to corporate growth. Though the company could have chosen any number of strategies, the rapidly changing nature of the Russian market dictated that any implementable strategy be based on one simple but unchanging principle. That principle was, and still is, ‘corporate obligation’.

As a company, Language Link could not then, and cannot now, succeed, and by extension grow, unless it acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to meet its obligations to both its clients and its employees, both of whom have special needs and expectations.

In order to accomplish our mission of satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, Language Link must accept its obligation to provide a wide range of high standard, interrelated language services for use by a very diverse market, all of which can contribute to the personal, professional and/or financial success of our language service recipients.

In that these services should be omnipresent on the Russian market; that is to say throughout Russia, Language Link must find and employ the necessary cost-effective means by which this can best be accomplished. Said means, must represent a viable combination of both brick and mortar schools and innovative virtual technologies. Only by so doing will Language Link’s obligation, cum mission, to its client population be adequately fulfilled.

Of course, no company can succeed in this endeavor without the presence of a dedicated and client-oriented workforce. It is therefore imperative that Language Link, as part of its overall mission, understand that it has a two-fold obligation to its employees. First, Language Link must provide its employees with a working environment that fosters problem-solving through individual initiative, creative thinking and collaborative effort. Second, Language Link has the special obligation to recognize and reward staff members who are loyal, hardworking and achievement-oriented. To these employees, Language Link must offer a system of incentives which provide them with opportunities for professional advancement through continuing education, job promotions and/or financial remuneration.

If Language Link is to fully accomplish its corporate mission in Russia, then it can only do so by realizing that our clients, as recipients of language services, and our employees, as providers of language services, must come to understand and recognize that their unique needs are being fully met by the company that they have invested their time, faith and/or money in.

This is the mission of Language Link.

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