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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Teaching Excellence

Though founded in London in 1975, Language Link first opened its doors to Russian students and clients in July 1994. Since that time, the administration, staff and teachers of Language Link have never ceased in their efforts to make Language Link the «premier» language school operating in Russia today. There is little doubt that this goal has been reached. Our educational standards are not only the highest ever to be established in Russia but they are constantly reviewed by our academic board which, in turn, is directed by its Chairman, Professor John Kane, OBE, KCSG, M.Ed., Ph.D., ABPsS, FRSA, FCP. Professor John Kane is also currently Pro Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University in England, a Vice President of UNESCO and former member of the British Olympic team.

«Teaching Excellence», is not only our motto, but our goal, forming the underpinning of each academic endeavour we undertake. At Language Link we are not content simply to teach English (or French, Russian and German); rather we turn our classrooms into microcosms with the aim of exposing our students to a unique blend of language and culture. This is necessary as language has little meaning when viewed outside of the cultural medium of which it forms an integral part.

Of course, these are only words and real proof can only be found in deeds and recognition. Here too, Language Link is a leader. Not only have our language courses received recognition from the Department of Education but also we have received special permission from the Russian authorities both to invite our native-speaking teachers to Russia and to obtain legal work permissions for them. Indeed, in a lead-up to the new millennium, the Moscow Mayor's Office presented Language Link with an award for academic excellence.

In a similar vein, our commitment to academic standards has led to Language Link's distinction as international test centres for both Trinity College London and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board. Similar recognition has been granted Language Link by Cambridge English Assessment whereby we have been authorised to train teachers looking to obtain either CELTA or DELTA recognition as certified teachers of English. Though Language Link takes pride in these honours and accomplishments, we have never let such go to our heads, for the basis upon which all our schools have been built is the giving of quality language tuition. On this, we insist, and to this, we are committed. At Language Link, we do our utmost to ensure that all our students receive a learning experience that is both truly effective and fully satisfying to them.


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