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Josh Bilides

  • Senior Director of Studies, Language Link Moscow
  • BSc Chemical Engineering, TEFL certificate; Trinity DipTESOL
  • At Language Link since September 2008
  • International Examiner since March 2014

Hello. My name is Josh Bilides and I've been with the company for several years now. I'm from Texas and went to Texas A&M University so, of course, my favourite sport is American football. I was an intern in August 2008 and spent two years teaching in Zelenograd. I moved to Central School in August 2010, mainly because I've always lived in the suburbs and never in the city. I applied, and was accepted for, the ADOS position in spring 2011 and have had two incredibly exciting years in the position, followed by a year as DOS. Now I'm a Senior DOS, a position that I've held since summer 2014. The best weekend activities here are taking walks through the city, frisbee on Sundays, and ice skating in the winter. I look forward to meeting y'all soon. By the way, I'll double check the official policy of using British and Texan spelling in the same paragraph.

When I first got here, I used todream that I was in Russia.I would wake up thinking how strange it was that I had dreamt I was in Russia. Then I would leave my room. Ithought it was a bit strange thatmy bathroom was two rooms,I'd be confused bythe washer being in the kitchen and the realisation that I actually was in Russia would eventually come over me. So don't worry if you feel a bit deer in headlights now. I was late to internship training twice because I took the wrong bus in Zelenograd. I got lost quite a few times inthe firstcouple ofmonths, but I survived. Although it can be a bit crazy here, I've come to embrace it.

Also, why do people like thingsthey are bad at like singing, dancing,and playing golf? I like to listen to music and I tend to sing when I think nobody is listening. If I do this, give me a little sign. I once saw a program on MTV orVH1 called motormouth where hidden cameras caught people singing in their cars. That made me really paranoid for a few months because I sing in the car, LOUDLY.Overall I would say thatour collection of teachers is eclectic, so be yourself and join the fun.

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