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Larisa Strukova

My name is Larisa Strukova, and this is my fourth year with the company.  I grew up in a small town in Western Siberia. Although the Taiga wasn't far, I only saw bears and deer in pictures.  People are open and friendly there, and aren't hairy as some foreigners think!

After school I went to Omsk Teacher Training University's faculty of foreign languages.  As soon as I graduated from university, I started to teach English mainly to children.  Now my teaching experience amounts to more than 15 years.  My youngest students were 4 and oldest were already retired.  English is popular in Russia, you know!

I moved to the Moscow region in June 2008, mainly because of my personal circumstances.  Now I live in the suburbs of Moscow and go to the city to work.  My job is teaching again, although it is much less than before because I am mainly engaged with teacher training (TKT YL, TEYL) and consultancy about how to teach young learners.

Young learners is my special professional interest and the target audience I'd recommend you to start teaching with.  Working with children isn't easy but really rewarding, inspiring and I'd say 'enabling' you to sing, dance and tell stories even if you thought that you are not quite good at it.

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