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The town of Dolgoprudny has an area of 20.7 km². It borders Moscow in the south and in the east, Khimki in the south-west, and is limited by the Moscow Canal in the west and by the Klyazminskoye Reservoir in the north.

About the school

Today several children’s groups (from 5 to 12 years old), teenage groups (from 12 to 16 years old) and adults (from 16 years old) are engaged in the training center. In addition, the training center offers training programs for the Cambridge and other international exams, as well as for the exam in the English language. Organization of corporate programs is possible.

In the classroom a communicative technique and modern teaching aids are used.

The branch collaborates with schools on the Interlink program, in which teachers from the UK and other countries conduct classes together with school teachers, which increases the interest of students in the English language. The center actively participates in the social program of the city, conducting Olympiads.

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