Language Link Konkovo

About the school

Language Link Konkovo center is located in the Konkovo district on 5, block 3, Ostrovityanova street in the cozy and quiet South-West region of Moscow. Its territory is full of greenery, forests, ponds and parks and there are almost no industrial enterprises, which poison the environment. The city center is also easily accessible from the metro.

Language Link Konkovo was opened in 2011 and has been offering to its clients a variety of courses for studying English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Chinese since then. Like all Language Link centers, we use a communicative method that makes learning languages an interesting and exciting process. Our school has a large number of regular students, varying between young learners, teenagers and adults, who study foreign languages with joy and enthusiasm, pass the Cambridge exams and participate in various programs within the center. In 2019, due to numerous requests, our school opened conversation clubs, which have become very popular with our students.

We have many professionals from different parts of the world including, Great Britain, USA, Canada and South Africa working in our school. Our teachers are also experienced in creating new, additional innovative and modern courses, which allow us to provide a rich international environment for our students.

We can say with confidence that our center not only has a professional work atmosphere but an inclusive and family-like work environment.

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