Language Link Ramenki

Our Teacher Alice tells about the school

My name's Alice, and I've been teaching English at Language Link Ramenki for almost year now. Ramenki is a lovely school to work in - the building is quite modern, and the classrooms are bright and spacious. It's been a pleasure to work with the admins and other teachers here, and they're one of the reasons Ramenki has been such an enjoyable place to teach English in. It's a supportive team, and if I ever have a problem it's easy to find help.

Ramenki itself is a pleasant area. There are lots of cafes a few minutes' walk away, and a convenient shopping centre just down the street. The university botanic gardens are only a 15 minute walk away too. It's a convenient location for a teaching job; only 20 minutes on the metro to Red Square.

A range of courses are offered at Ramenki. Children, teenagers and adults of all levels can find a class suitable for them. If you want to study for an exam, such as IELTS, or take Business or individual lessons, we offer these at Ramenki too.

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