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About the city

Obninsk, referred to as the First Russian Science City, is located in Kaluga region approximately 65 miles (100 km) to the South-West of Moscow on the picturesque bank of the Protva River. Obninsk is a clean, safe and peaceful city with excellent opportunities for both living and leisure. Obninsk is an enclave surrounded by beautiful forests and is one of the greenest cities in Russia. Yet, despite this rural context, Obninsk is able to offer it residents and many visitors a diverse range of cultural, educational, industrial, and recreational opportunities.

About the school

An English language school is a necessary addition to both secondary and higher education in Obninsk. The young people of Obninsk work in Moscow or large Obninsk-based companies featuring innovative management. English is the vehicle which will enable them to get good job and salaries.

The school is situated in the city center, in the Eurica Science and Technology Center for Young People. All the necessary conditions for the teacher to work in comfortable surroundings have been created within the school: light, spacious classrooms; the necessary teaching equipment; a library and computers.

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