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Application Procedure

Submitting a Successful Application: Each year, Language Link receives hundreds of requests for employment information and/or online application forms. With regard to the latter, many of these applications will not receive a response from Language Link, as they have been filled in either incorrectly or incompletely. If you are thinking to submit an online application form, then you would do well to read this section prior to doing so.

Application Overview: When an application form is received, it is processed using a 5 step method.

Step 1 - Information Review: Within 24 hours of an application being received, it is reviewed by a Recruitment Manager for both accuracy and completeness. It is during this initial step that many applications fail because they are, as previously mentioned, inaccurate and/or incomplete. As such, they lack either basic or essential information which is needed to fully consider the merits of the application and/or proceed further.

Step 2 - Reference Verification: The same day that an application is reviewed, a request for references is sent out. It stands to reason that if an applicant fails to add contact information for his/her referees, the Recruitment Manager cannot move forward with the application; thus, the application receives no further attention. Given that there is contact information, the applicant will be notified that his/her references are being contacted and that s/he will be re-contacted as soon as the first referee responds.

Step 3 - Interview: Once the first reference has been received, the applicant will be notified that s/he should contact the Recruitment Manager by e-mail and arrange for a convenient time when s/he may be contacted by a member of the Academic Department for a short Skype or telephone interview.  Please note that Language Link can only make calls to landlines and not mobile phones. If you only have access to a cell phone, then an interview can be arranged provided you initiate the phone call.  The applicant may be asked to complete a Pre-Interview Task prior to the interview.

Step 4 - Job Offer: Following the interview, the Recruitment Manager will make a recommendation as to whether to offer that applicant a posting with Language Link. If the decision is positive, the applicant will be sent a job offer and a contract. The applicant will be instructed to review the contract and the offer and make a decision to accept or reject the offer. Applicants are likewise informed that the job being offered is time limited. This is necessary as 1) there are normally many applicants and 2) it is imperative that Language Link fills its vacancies as soon as possible. For the applicant to accept a job offer, s/he should sign the contract and return it and a copy of their passport details by fax or e-mail scan to Language Link.

Step 5 - Acceptance Confirmation: Following the applicant's acceptance of the job offer, the applicant will be notified that his/her contract and passport details have been received. At this point, the applicant will be given information concerning the visa application process. For more information on visas, visit our Visa Requirements pages.

Common Mistakes: There are a number of common mistakes that applicants often make when submitting their application. What follows are the most common mistakes that applicants make.

a) Applying for the wrong position: Perhaps the most common mistake made by an applicant is applying for the wrong type of position i.e., EFL Teacher, Internship, Work-Study, Summer Camp Teacher or Volunteership. Each type of position has its own requirements and thus its own application form. Prior to applying for a job opportunity, an applicant should evaluate his or her applicant profile and apply accordingly (see below). Once the applicant has determined his or her profile, s/he should read through the related pages so as to confirm 'the fit'. Only after doing so, should the applicant start filling in the online application form.

The following short descriptions should help to guide you to the appropriate application form.

b) Writing an incorrect date: Though there is no fixed method for placing dates on the application form, the preferred style is dd/mm/yy. Regardless of the style used, many applicants confuse 'date of birth' and 'today's date'. If this occurs, your application will not be processed, and though Language Link does ascribe to the adage, 'To err is human; to forgive divine', Language Link is neither divinity nor prophet. The Recruitment Manager cannot be expected to guess an applicants age. On the other hand, applicants should be responsible enough to review their applications prior to submitting them.

c) Answering 'Yes' and then not completing the section: There are several sections of the application which ask for a 'Yes/ No' answer. Should the applicant respond with a 'Yes', the applicant is then instructed to 'complete this section'. The section should be filled in completely i.e., all spaces. This information should be available as it is all CV related. Failure to submit the required information detracts from the credibility of your application.

d) Failure to provide references: Applicants who fail to provide contact information for their referees, place their applications in a state of abeyance. In other words, no further action will be taken on their application (see Step 2 above). In placing the name of a referee on your application form, heed the following simple rules (they have written to both enhance the recruitment process as well as to save the applicant from embarrassment).

If the applicant claims to have related experience, this can only be verified by contacting his/her reference(s). This is important for three reasons.

If in consideration of the preceding rules and advice, you feel confident that you are ready to fill in and submit an application form, then Language Link invites you to apply online.

There are a few other factors that can help to increase your chances of acceptance.  Though the link takes you to a page for Teacher-Intern applicants, the majority of the factors apply to all candidates.

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