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Placement Incentive Programme

If you are a qualified and/or experienced EFL Teacher and are flexible with regard to teaching location, then you may be eligible for a USD 1000 end of contract teaching bonus. In order to qualify for the bonus, the following must apply:

EFL teachers who wish to be considered for Language Link’s EFL Teacher Incentive Programme will have the opportunity to discuss this programme during their interview. At that time, the teacher will be informed of placement opportunities which qualify for the incentive programme. If during the interview, the teacher states their willingness to participate, then upon being accepted for a teaching position, the teacher will receive a contract offer which stipulates the location. Teachers are under no obligation to accept the placement in a bonus-linked teaching location and may request placement in a different teaching centre. If that teaching centre is not linked to the bonus scheme, then a new contract sans bonus scheme will be forthcoming.

Payment of Bonus

The bonus is payable upon satisfactory completion of the nine month teaching contract along with any other end-of-contract benefits. Teachers wishing to transfer to another location during the course of their teaching contract except where asked to do so by the company become ineligble for the placement incentive bonus.

Non-discrimination of Teachers

Teachers who do not wish to participate in the programme are in no way discriminated against. Language Link offers teaching contracts to teachers based solely on any combination of the following: relevant education and/or qualifications, teaching experience, references, interviews and perceived authentic desire to teach English as a foreign language.

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