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Past Testimonials

Over the years, Language Link's Teacher Internship Programme (now known as the Teacher-in-Training Programme) has seen participants from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Here's what some of them had to say about the programme.


Rebecca Wolpert (from the USA)

I have been looking for a program like this since college – a course that really breaks down the English language and makes it presentable to students. Along with teaching methodology, I feel prepared to teach this year. For me, the phonetics were the most challenging as I had never studied them before. The staff were very helpful, at least one person was always around and everyone always had good ideas/ suggestions.


Brandon Para (from the USA)

The ITP exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount of preparation and support I received throughout the program. The instructors were extremely helpful and willing to assist in any way possible. The practice teaching and the introduction of phonetics were the most challenging. What surprised me was the amount of teachers and instructors available to assist me with lesson planning and preparation. Also, the time and effort which Language Link staff dedicated to the program overall. The staff were extremely helpful, always available for consultation, friendly and eager to help with any problems which arose.


Kaitlyn Arctander (from the USA)

The ITP met my expectations and exceeded them...having been in Russia before, I understood that things here can be quite up in the air, and was expecting such. The ITP proved, however, that Language Link is full of supportive staff and that they really are very prepared both to get us on our feet as teachers and make sure we’re doing ok day to day here. Teaching so many different classes and therefore not getting to know students very well was challenging, but what surprised me about the ITP was that it was fun!


Dalen Aichlmayr (from the USA)

I learned much more about teaching than I expected. The methods that trainers used, as well as the materials, were all very informative and reassuring. Remembering grammar rules and phonetics was challenging. The opportunity to teach with supervision was unexpected, also the professionalism. The staff was very helpful. Everyone was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and approachable.


Jessica Van Slyke (from the USA)

I heard it was a good program, but it exceeded my expectations in hands-on learning. It was brilliant how we were taught not by lecture at all but by almost all activities and eliciting the lesson from us and what we already knew. The staff were very helpful. They were very engaged and personable. Any time we needed something, they dropped what they were doing.


Cole Margen(from the USA)

It was definitely more work than I thought, but i learned a lot. So yes, it met my expectations tenfold! The most challenging? Definitely the trial classroom lessons. We have four weeks to learn how to teach. EFL teaching is a whole other world. You have to have lots of patience, humility and commitment. I didnt think it was going to be as hands-on as it was. I loved how interactive the ITP ended up being. It gave me lots of good experience.


Laura Gardner (from the UK)


The ITP provided a thorough grounding in the methods of teaching. It reviewed grammar systematically and gave excellent opportunities to practice teaching in a controlled environment. The long days and late nights wear you down after a while, but the end result is worth all of the hard work. The phonetics are also a bit of a challenge! I was most surprised by how much fun the course was and how well everyone got on. The staff were delightful and helped whenever they could. I couldnt fault them.


Pierre Richard Jr (from the USA)

The ITP met my expectations and more. Not only did I learn how to teach, but my grammar and vocabulary has gotten better. The most challenging aspect? I would say actually standing in front of a class. I overcame that and now Im more confident. The staff were very helpful. Whenever I had questions or problems, I could always find someone for help. Thank you for not only giving me an opportunity to teach students but also for making my grammar, vocabulary and phonetic skills better than they were before I started.


Tyson Ralston (from the USA)


I feel Language Link has provided about what I expected. It has provided not only the theory but also the real experience of teaching as well. I was surprised by the support I have received from staff members in the company, not just on the academic level but also on the personal level as well. I feel the staff really did a good job at supporting me in various ways throughout the duration of this month.


Dante Ackermann (from South Africa)

The ITP far exceeded my expectations. The first time I got up in front of my peers to do a demonstration on the board, I was so nervous I thought I was going to pass out. Ive gone from that to confidently getting up in front of a class of new students and I know what Im doing thanks to the ITP. The staff were very, very helpful. I always felt I had support and felt they were very approachable. I also really appreciated the fact that they were so honest and precise during feedback. It was hard and intensive, but I really enjoyed every moment of it.


Allison Muschinske (from the USA)


I was expecting to come to Russia, blunder my way through the city, and memorise a bunch of rules and tables. All of that happened, but I didnt expect that I would enjoy it. It was stressful, but more fun than college and I am definitely leaving feeling a lot more prepared than I ever expected to. What surprised me most? That Language Link cares about us becoming good teachers. And that you can teach Russians English without saying a word of Russian. The staff is incredibly helpful. Everyone really seems to care about helping us develop ourselves as teachers.


Kyle McCarthy (from the USA)

After four years of college in a secondary education program, I came into the ITP with a chip on my shoulder. It had never occurred to me that EFL would be different from teaching social studies. I couldnt imagine at the start that Id learn anything, but I learned a lot. The hardest part of the ITP for me was realising EFL is a totally different beast compared to social studies. My biggest challenge is still cutting down on TTT. I was most surprised by how much I learned, and how much there is to EFL. It really is teaching.


Tassi McKee (from the USA)

The ITP met my expectations in that there was a lot of training both grammar and teacher training. I have never taught before, and I believed that Language Link would help me develop the necessary skills to be a teacher. The most challenging aspects of the ITP, for me, were all (almost) personal. Basically I learned a lot about myself and my personality that I didnt know before. I was surprised at how well organised everything was. Also, the staff is really professional. When I told people in the US that I wanted to teach abroad, everyone was very pessimistic about it. Others warned me about scams and being treated poorly by the various companies. Language Link has been very professional. Im happy they chose me.


Paul Sagers (from the USA)

The ITP went beyond my expectations. I knew I would learn a lot about teaching, but not to such an extent. The long days were hard but it was worth all the knowledge and experience I gained. What surprised me most was the overall professionalism of the Language Link staff and the great quality of the facility.


Carolina Kaemingk (from the USA)

I was happy with all we were taught. I think it was very accurate and useful. The grammar sections and quizzes were helpful. Academically, the staff was very helpful. They always had time, answers, suggestions, comments, etc. They were also very good at making the lessons as good as possible. I think it's a great and useful program. It has given me many tools for when I teach. The staff is very capable and they've all helped.


Michael Johnson (from the UK)


The ITP met and exceeded my expectations. I expected to be treated worse as an intern but you looked after us well. The staff were very helpful - always willing to put time aside for us, even during lunch. I feel a lot more confident and ready to teach. 


Chris Riordan (from the USA)


I expected to learn and be prepared to teach. Both aims were accomplished. It seems to me that I have been given a solid foundation on which to build upon. It's now up to me to continue that growth. I have a belief that progress will be achieved at a greater rate through teaching. The staff were very, very helpful. One never wanted for advice or assistance. You've given people an opportunity to change their life for the better. I intend to make the most of it.


Jillian Mayhew (from the USA)


The ITP exceeded my expectations in a number of ways, but what stood out to me was the trainers' dedication to the interns. All of the trainers demonstrated a true desire to be of assistance and always had positive attitudes. The most challenging aspect of the program was staying on top of the vast amount of information that was provided. The combination of studying, sitting in on lessons and practice teaching was extremely challenging albeit necessary. 


Michael Kabanoff (from Australia)

The ITP exceeded my expectations because I wasn't sure if there would be much teaching of grammar. It was good that we did a lot of work on this. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I'm thoroughly enjoying teaching and if all goes to plan, it is something I could see myself doing well into the future. I'm very thankful that you guys were able to give me this chance, thanks!

Tylor Bergman (from Canada)


The ITP program exceeded my expectations in all levls. Its content was good and the trainers were very well informed. It was beneficial on all aspects of teaching. The intensity of the program surprised me - it was very demanding, although in a rather good way as I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time.


Christopher Reid (from Australia)


I expected the moon and it was delivered! What surprised me most about the ITP was how much I was able to take from it in such a short time. Everyone in the staff was amazing. There are so many ways the programme could be improved. And by 'so many' I mean none.


Siobhan Kirkland (from Canada)


I think the ITP exceeded my expectations in many ways. I did not expect it to be as interactive, fun, and engaging as it was. I really liked that games were played to teach us games to use with the stduents and that it wasn't just grammar all the time. We were given a lot of great resources. What surprised me most about the ITP was how supportive and enthusiastic the instructors were. It made me feel really welcome and made learning and mistakes less stressful in such a supportive environment. I really enjoyed the program, I learned a lot. Zahra was incredibly helpful and great at addressing any of our concerns. It is a great experience and I'm glad I have done it.


Barbara Heuchling (from the USA)


The ITP far exceeded even my highest expectations coming into Language Link. I had done some overseas programs before. Language Link is by far the best company I've worked with. I am so impressed by the staff, the training, and the overall support. I found the staff greatly helpful. I really loved this past month.


Natalie Hernandez (from the USA)


It was much more than I expected. I never thought I would learn so much in so little time. It was never dull or boring and all the DOSes were great. What surprised me was how fun the lessons were and how kind, welcoming and hysterical the DOSes are. The training was very, very fun! Everyone was really supportive, encouraging, and welcoming (which I was grateful for because I arrived late). Zahra: thanks for being understanding about the hurricane thing and for being generally supportive. Harry: I was so thankful my first day when you were really conscious about including me socially, also when you helped me that day when my lesson plan was on the wrong page and I was freaking out! Josh: thanks for always taking the time to explain grammar concepts. You were the easiest to understand and you always prepared us very well. Thanks!


Hart Nunnally (from the USA)


The ITP program met my expectations. I felt that the grammar was adequately covered, that the practice teaching and feedbacks were constructive, and that I am well-prepared to begin developing as a teacher. What surprised me was how much fun I had. For the most part, it was fantastic and even things that weren't "fun" were enjoyable because of my dynamic peers and teachers. I felt there was always someone to ask questions to if I needed. Thank you so much for this past month. At parts it's been tiring and overwhelming, but the amount of fun, knowledge and practice that's been had/gained far outweighs those less enjoyable moments. I am excited for what lies ahead, and am grateful for how this month has helped me feel confident and prepared.

Jackson McKee (from Canada)


Expectations met! And exceeded. It was very challenging. The training was thorough and I feel very much prepared to teach. The staff were very helpful. Everyone did their best to make themselves available and I felt like our training was a priority. Thank you!

Gregory Swain (from Canada)


It did largely meet my expectations in terms of presenting effective methods of teaching, such as elicitation and explaining grammatical concepts. What surprised me most was that we would be practice teaching. I did not anticipate that we would be teaching before the end of the ITP.


Sondra Bayley (from Canada)


The ITP definitely met and exceeded all expectations. Coming to Russia, I was initially unsure of what to expect...what the staff would be like, how the course would be structured, but everything wasamazing! What surprised me was the amount of work, though good. I did not think it would be as intense as it was. The staff were very, very helpful, and so friendly and polite. They were amazing.


Justin N. Yeager - 2007-08 (from the USA)

I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about relocating to Russia for a long period of time, as well as being a teacher of English. However, I have been pleasantly surprised many times. Aside from the constant effort of trying to overcome the language barrier, and surviving a LONG winter, all has been well. I have many friends who have traveled overseas to teach EFL, and upon their return, I have heard many horror stories about cultural rifts and the disorganized state of the company in which they were working.

After seven months teaching for Language Link, I could not be more satisfied. From the very beginning, the training program that I was involved in helped to prepare me not only for teaching but how to focus on the most commons problems that one encounters while teaching Russian students. The teacher trainers were ready with an answer for any questions the intern teachers had, not only about teaching, but also about life in general in Russia.... and as could be expected, there were many questions! I was sad to leave the Moscow school to go onto my teaching post, but I have enjoyed my entire time living in Yekaterinburg.

I love working in the Language Link school in Yekaterinburg. The teachers and staff here are almost like a big family, and when I arrived I was treated the same. The DOS has been on maternity leave since my arrival, but the Assistant DOS, Tanya, has been brilliant! The native-English teachers have taken to calling her "Super Tanya!" If you need anything, Tanya will find it for you! If it cannot be found, maybe it simply just does not exist. She was even able to find a Russian language teacher for us to make the transition a bit easier. At least now, I know what I am buying when I go shopping for food! The other teachers are just as helpful, and always willing to tell a short anecdote about teaching or living in Russia.

I have decided that I definitely want to return for another year with Language Link. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them. If you're thinking of teaching EFL, this is the place, and maybe I will see you next year!

Tara Ingman - 2007-08 (from the USA)

Language Link is a great opportunity: you get training, real teaching experience, and a home in a foreign country; and you even get paid for it! What attracted me to Language Link initially was that, unlike so many other programs that ask you to pay for your training or are volunteer programs only, Language Link offers you a job that will actually pay you to learn to teach in a foreign country. Not many programs will do the same. Once I arrived and began the program, I was pleased to discover the close-knit and supportive atmosphere here. I have always felt that if I had a problem, either about teaching or just general problems about living in Russia, there were always people I could go to for help. The staff and the senior teachers have always made themselves available to answer any questions and offer help of any kind. I was able to focus on becoming a better teacher and adjusting to life in Russia knowing that I could go to them.

Ed Bently - 2007-08 (from the UK)

Arriving in Moscow is pretty nerve-wracking for most people. However, pretty soon the training starts and then you are too busy to be nervous. The training is excellent and without it I would have been completely lost when I started teaching. Moreover, people are always available to help by offering advice or suggested class room activities. After a while you begin to feel your classroom is your own but the help is still there if need.

Harry Collier IV - 2007-08 (from the USA)

If you are reading this you probably have a strong desire to teach English in Russia. Furthermore, it stands to reason that you have done a lot of research on teaching overseas and more specifically Russia.

Fresh from college, with teaching degree in hand, you have undoubtedly looked into several training programs as well as schools and are trying to decide the best route to go.

Then again, maybe you are much like myself a year ago...

You have no teaching, or for that matter college credentials but you are really bored and clicking on random internet banners.

Either way I would like to tell you about the intern program at Language Link.

When I arrived in Moscow last August I knew nothing about Russia or Teaching. I just knew that it would be an adventure, and frankly I'm the kind of guy who loves an adventure.

During the first two weeks in Russia I spent around twelve hours a day, five days a week training. Yes it sounds like a lot, but believe it or not, it was some of the most fun I have ever had. The training classes are taught by people who really care and want you to be a good teacher. And better still, they are taught by people who know that the best way to learn is by having fun and enjoying yourself.

After the training I was placed at one of the Language Link schools and began my career as a teacher. My first day I was very nervous because, as I previously mentioned, I had just spent two weeks having fun and playing games for 12 hours a day and now I was supposed to teach.

Horror struck me as I looked out at all the foreign faces in the classroom. What was I doing here? Did I really think I could be a teacher? What an idiot I had been. But a split-second before I ran for the door to hop on the first plane back to America I decided to give my training a try and started playing one of the fun language games I had learned with the class. Before I knew it I WAS TEACHING, and unbelievable as it may seem I was not THAT bad at it either.

In the 7 months since this first experience I have changed locations and am now teaching at the Central School in Moscow.

Everyday I learn something new and everyday I teach something new to my classes. It is a great system.

There are still a few times, ok... honestly a LOT of times, when I have trouble preparing a lesson or figuring out a grammar point, but that is what is so great about Language Link's Internship Program - whenever I have trouble there is always at least 5 experienced teachers available, usually a lot more, willing to jump in and help.

Though it is hard to believe, I am coming to the close of my internship at Language Link and will be a full-fledged teacher. Was it easy? No, but it wasn't that difficult either. Am I glad I didn't run out of that first class? Extremely.

Cara Roney - 2007-08 (from the USA)

This program has made me appreciate the complexity of the English language, something that I'd always taken for granted. It's also given me greater confidence speaking in front of people and the courage to tell someone when they're flat-out wrong (but to soften it with how and why). I also appreciate the ready support for any and all problems that I've encountered, academic or otherwise.

Josephine Cox - 2007-08 (from the USA)

Coming to Russia, I decided not to have any prior ideas of what I should or should not expect. Having traveled before, I have found that prior biased opinions about a culture seemed to have hindered my experience while visiting that country. This is also true of any new experience, be it a new university, a new scholastic summer festival or a new place of employment. With this being said, my time at Language Link has been a positive one! I did not expect, though, that teaching English would be such hard work. Nevertheless, I really do love my job and have learned so much, not only about teaching in general, but also about people and, more specifically, the Russian culture and mind-set.

Even though I am a new EFL teacher, I am not new to the teaching field, having taught music before coming to Russia. EFL has challenged my teaching abilities, being outside of my comfort zone. I did not expect to have so many different classes, ranging from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate and FCE, children, teenagers and adults, groups and individuals. Being forced to plan so many different classes has improved my teaching methodologies and techniques and has taught me how to better prioritise. I also feel as if I can communicate better with people of all ages and speaking abilities. Never again will I be impatient while speaking with a foreigner!

Aleisha Bald (from Australia)

Having the opportunity to participate in the Language Link internship has really given me the confidence to head off to my current posting and feel I can do well. Being able to observe experienced teachers and practice teaching ourselves really gave us an insight into the whole teaching experience. Being looked after in regards to our visas, registration, flats (fridges & phones) and future placements really makes the whole daunting prospect of moving to another country (where you can't speak the language) much more manageable.

Amy Van Dyke (from the USA)

The training Language Link provided me with was very helpful. Never having taught before, the idea of teaching grammar was a bit daunting at first. After our classes and practice teaching, however, I'm actually looking forward to having my own students. I should mention, also, that the transition to life in Russia went rather smoothly. Someone was there to meet me at the airport, and if I ever have a problem, there are a number of people I can contact to help me.

Jennifer Kelly (from Canada)

Having 3 weeks to learn how to teach was great. I found it really helpful to have shorter practice teaching sessions, especially considering you're surrounded by experienced teachers. I definitely think this was a worthwhile experience, and would recommend this program/school to anyone interested in living in Moscow. As for the 3 weeks of learning to teach - it was fun. I was always excited to come in, and all of the classes were fun and energetic! All in all, I'm very pleased with this program and highly recommended it! Thanks.

Jim Nockels (from the UK)

Coming to Russia as a new teacher was a daunting experience, but Language Link made it so much easier. All the staff are really helpful and supportive in every area from visa support to accommodation. The internship scheme is a great introduction to teaching.

Joseph Bilz (from the USA)

The internship program at Language Link is a wonderful opportunity to learn to teach English. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did they arrange to pick me up at the airport (at 4:00 am) but they drove me to an apartment and took care of everything.

Nathalie Cooper (from the UK)

I really enjoyed the Language Link internship program. The whole thing was a very useful experience and we were taught in a fun and dynamic way. It's a shame I was unable to be here for the first week of the course! There were no bad sides to it at all. Everyone who works here and studies here is a very friendly. The course teaches people not only to teach but also to be more confident - it has helped me a great deal.

Rachel Lunan (from the USA)

Could Language Link be any more accommodating? Flats, visas, facility tours, hours of training plus advice. My first time in Russia has been smooth sailing so far, and, with the phenomenal assistance of faculty and staff alike, I'm sure fulfilling my contract now will not be a struggle.

Vanessa Knauf (from USA)

The teaching internship at Language Link was a good experience. If I'd started teaching without taking the course I'd have been completely lost! All the faculty and staff were very helpful and patient. And being picked up at the airport and given your own flat doesn't hurt either!

Veronica Armendariz (from the USA)

The people at Language Link really take care of us well. Everything was done and organized in a way that would best fit each individual. Anything that I needed or had questions about was addressed. I could not have asked for a smoother process, or more caring people.
Thank you Language Link!

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