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This year's Teacher Intern Training Programme saw participants from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and New Zealand. Here's what some of them had to say about the programme.

Sally Kopp, United Kingdom

The ITP was amazing; so useful for those wanting to learn properly how to teach. I actually feel like I can teach now and its been great being able to track my progress. It was challenging in terms of stamina. The ITP is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The staff were so helpful with lesson planning and general queries. They were really friendly the whole time and not at all condescending. I just loved it. Thank you so much for everything!

Brian Selman, USA

The ITP was everything I thought it would be. It was difficult, but I learned a lot and am not scared to step in a classroom. What surprised me most was that it was actually was enjoyable and that I learned as much as I did. The staff were great; all helpful and nice. Thank yall for everything.

John Fleming, USA

The ITP was far more comprehensive than expected. The days were longer, but it was worth it. What surprised me most was how much I learned. Every week I thought about how much Id learned and it was night and day. The staff was incredibly helpful, even in matters unrelated to academics. I was never afraid to ask for help and I was always glad when I did. I feel prepared to teach after the ITP. It was exhausting, I complained, I was overwhelmed, but it was very worth it!

Jessi ONeil, USA

Im very happy with the practice teaching. It was exactly what I needed. I feel so much more confident now. I really think I will be able to become a good teacher.

Jonathan Ladd, United Kingdom

I think the ITP helped me learn everything I expected to although it far busier and more intensive than I thought but I should probably have thought more about the I in ITP.

Dustin Wegener

The ITP fully met my expectations. Practice teaching was incorporated effectively. Lessons were very informative. The enthusiasm and support of the DOS staff impressed me most about the ITP. They are an invaluable resource to the development of interns.

Magdalena Newhouse

The ITP definitely met my expectations. What I hoped for was formal grammar training and implementation of teaching practice and thats what I got out of it. The amount of teaching practice we got surprised me the most. It was very helpful. The staff were always helpful with preparing for classes and answering questions.

Lizzie Williams

The ITP went beyond my expectations. It made me think more about grammar and I now understand it better and feel more comfortable teaching it. Im also more aware of eliciting and error correcting.
Im surprised by how much we learned during the month. I had thought it was going to be a lot less. The staff were amazing. I felt comfortable talking with everyone.

Keith Huddleston

I knew that the online TESOL/TEFL prepared me with an acceptable knowledge base, but I was apprehensive to begin an actual class with real students. I had offers from other companies at a higher salary, but I wanted and needed hands-on, in-class, in front of students experience. The ITP kicked serious ***! I am fully prepared to lesson plan and teach in front of students. The staff were straight up awesome! They would drop anything to help a teacher intern and did. They were completely knowledgeable in the materials and they are very fine people.

Justin Carse

The ITP exceeded my expectations. This course was so in-depth that it went over and above my scope of what it meant to be a vessel for the education of English. I was surprised by how fun and informative it was. I loved every bit of the atmosphere and the few surprises that come our way (puppet practice use!). All the staff handled themselves in an approachable, professional way.

Zuliana Castro

It was a challenging program that went beyond my expectations. I used many of my skills but acquired a lot more. It surprised me that in such a short time I learned valuable skills. The staff was very helpful and interesting in helping all teachers-in-training.

Alex Rigby

The ITP more than met my expectations. I did not think that I would learn as much information as I did beforehand and I did not expect it to be as challenging as it was. There could not really have been much more material covered in this relatively short time period. I was surprised by how quickly it yielded positive results and quick progress. The staff were in general, very helpful. They were also prepared to assist in any way possible.

Emma Anderson

The ITP exceeded my expectations in terms of preparing me for teaching. I was expecting it to be a lot more theoretical, but there was lots of practice.

Brittany Gilstrap

The ITP completely met my expectations in terms of preparing me to become a teacher. Grammar, teaching methodologies, professionalism; its all here. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They were always ready to stop anything to help an intern. Im very proud of my employment with Language Link.

Elliott Kaduck

The ITP exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the instructors and support staff. They were very helpful, considerate, and patient. I was surprised by how laid-back and calm the sessions were. I expected a boot-camp like, gruelling experience. Each member of the staff brought a unique specialty and teaching style that appealed to various learning styles.

Anna Thomas

The ITP was intensive and I feel a ton more prepared and confident to teach that I did before. Im surprised that I learned a ton and could see my teaching improve over the weeks. The staff was always available and encouraging. Even if something had gone not as planned, they gave critiques in a manner that made me want to do better but didnt crush me and they were honest.

Will Amor

The staff were helpful and varied, demonstrating a range of teaching techniques which was useful as modals. I was surprised by how friendly and laid-back the staff were.

Andrey Zavialov

The ITP was as challenging and educating as expected with nice and comprehensive insights into teaching theory. The trainers make good examples of what teaching should be like. The staff were very helpful. Every single question I asked was answered. Thank you.

Joshua Horton

The ITP exceeded my expectations in most regards. There was a lot to learn and the trainers broke down the sessions into manageable pieces to make sure that we learned what was needed. The most surprising thing was how supportive the staff were during training and lesson planning. There was always someone available to help finish a lesson plan and make sure it was good. There was always someone around to help understand a grammar point.

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