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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Dolgoprudny (Russian: Долгопрудный) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located about 20 km (12 miles) north of Moscow. The town's name is derived from the Russian words ‘Долгий пруд’ (Dolgy Prud) which literally translated means ‘Long Pond’ as there is a long and narrow pond situated in the north-eastern part of the town. The town's name is sometimes colloquially shortened as Dolgopa. Though the 2002 census places the population of Dolgoprudny at 68,792, in 2004 the population was estimated to have increased to 74,000.


The town of Dolgoprudny has an area of 20.7 km². It borders Moscow in the south and in the east, Khimki in the south-west, and is limited by the Moscow Canal in the west and by the Klyazminskoye Reservoir in the north.


The settlement of Vinogradovo, situated in the place of the modern town, has been known since the 17th century. A railway was built in the 1900s, and a railway platform was built in 1914. The settlement started to develop when an airship manufacturing plant was built there in 1931. The aeronautic engineer Umberto Nobile worked there for five years during the 1930s. For a few years during the 1930s the settlement was renamed Dirizhablstroy (meaning "airship building").

In 1951, the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (M.F.T.I) moved to Dolgoprudny. This elite academy has produced many of the Soviet Union’s finest physicists and astronauts. During the Cold War period President Nixon, wishing to visit this famous Physics Institute, was refused entry to Dolgoprudny. Construction of its present campus, having been inspired by the Nobel Prize winners Pyotr Kapitsa, Lev Landau, and Nikolay Semyonov, started in the southern part of the town. Today, scientific talent from all over the country comes to study here. Consequently the town has a large student population (many of its students study English at the Dolgoprudny Language Link centre).

Currently the town has machinery-building, engineering, and chemical industries. Due to its favourable location and following the growing demand for real estate in the suburbs of Moscow, Dolgoprudny is being extensively developed with much commercial and residential construction.

Living in Dolgoprudny

Dolgoprudny is a small urban area and has its own distinct atmosphere very different from Moscow. In this town, people know one another and the general atmosphere is much more provincial and down to earth. As it lies outside The Moscow city limits prices here are much cheaper and as a result many new housing complexes are springing up. People are escaping the extortionate prices of Moscow and choosing to commute from a cheaper and healthier place to live.

The town may have limited facilities but it is a pleasant and a unique place to be with lots of character. There is a large market and the town borders a huge reservoir which is popular as a place to swim and sunbathe during the summer.

In terms of nightlife, though there is not the bustling nightlife offered by Moscow with its big city life, there are plenty of opportunities for teacher to mix with their students and the local friends that they are sure to develop. The best entertainment is a party at home with your local friends or an easy trip into Moscow for the bright lights and broad minds.

What Dolgoprudny does offer is forest, greenery and a small town mentality that is more in touch with the rest of the country than its huge neighbouring city.

In the summer, its fields and forests provide great respite from bustling Moscow and the rivers make a great place for barbecues and a cool dip. In the winter, cross country skiing is the town’s pastime.

Overall, Dolgopo (as it is colloquially referred to) is a happy medium for those who want easy access to Moscow but all the benefits of open spaces and a taste of wider Russia.

The Language Link Centre in Dolgoprudny is set in a newly built complex next to the train station ‘Vodniki’. The centre is very well equipped and consists of a friendly team of teachers and admin staff.

Getting there and away

Central Moscow is just a 20 minute train ride away. Trains bound for Moscow’s Savyolovskiy Station leave every fifteen minutes up until one in the morning. The town can also be reached by a 15 minute bus shuttle from Rechnoy Vokzal and Altufevo stations of the Moscow Metro.

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