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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Summer Camps

english camp teaching in russia

Each year, Language Link runs a number of English language summer camps in the countryside around Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as in Turkey and Bulgaria. This year, Language Link will be operating five camps throughout the summer (June to August). If you are interested in applying for a position in a summer camp, please contact us (indicating Summer Camp in the subject title).

The work: Teachers who work in summer camps usually teach 6 academic hours of English per day. A typical schedule may mean teaching either 2 or 3 different groups each day. When not teaching English, teachers are also highly encouraged to participate in camp activities (sports, games, clubs, etc). Although each camp is different, among the activities usually offered are field trips, football, basketball, swimming, and various types of clubs such as photography, as well as movie nights and discos.

Teaching: As most camp teachers are inexperienced in teaching English as a foreign language, Language Link has prepared a special camp programme with its own coursebooks and supplementary materials. This however does not mean that camp teachers cannot deviate from this syllabus. In fact, the program is offered more as a security blanket for those teachers who believe that support in the form of a prescribed programme will be necessary or essential to their success. Regardless, Language Link usually recommends that teachers (and particularly those who have little teaching experience) follow the programme for the first camp cycle (usually 2 - 3 weeks in length) until they feel comfortable as teachers. As alluded to above, TEFL qualification is not a pre-requisite for teaching in a summer camp as we give successful candidates pre-camp training.

Teach English as a Foreign Language

Locations: The camps generally take place in attractive areas of the Russian countryside. Camp facilities generally include sports and recreation facilities. Teachers have their own rooms, but may share bathroom facilities with other teachers and/or students. For more information about camp locations, please visit these pages

Teachers have the opportunity to come into Moscow and St. Petersburg at the weekends to relax. Though Language Link cannot guarantee accommodation for summer camp teachers in either city on weekends, we have been able to arrange such on an individual basis. Likewise, summer camp teachers, having networked the week before starting their teaching, have been able to arrange accommodation with their newfound friends i.e., other Language Link teachers.

employment opportunities in Russia

Longer-term opportunities: Teachers who work in our camp program may continue their employment in August/September and have the right to select the city and center of their choice for a teaching assignment, provided there is an opening. Teachers who have worked in camps have priority over new teachers scheduled to arrive in September. If you are interested in continuing your employment with Language Link in September, then you will be required to sign a new contract. Teachers who entered our Summer Camp Program without a TEFL qualification, will start their new contracts as teachers interns and will receive full TEFL training and be eligible for both a pay raise and airfare reimbursement to contractual maximums.

If you are only interested in 'summer only' employment, then please note that Language Link does not reimburse airfare. Most 'summer only' teachers do this as it's different and culturally exciting and do not need to 'save money' for later. That said, the $450 - $750 stipend (depending upon qualification and or experience) per month plus room and board usually offsets their flight cost so that they usually break even, except in the realm of experiential learning where they are the real winners.

If you wish to apply online, please be sure to fill in the form completely.

For other summer time openings, browse our Vacancies page or contact us.

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