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The Bobby J Summer Camp Programme

Teach European Languages in Russia

Who is Bobby J?

The Character: Bobby J is a character created by Language Link to give cohesion to the summer camp curriculum. As such, Bobby J is the central character around which ten adventure-based lessons (representing ten class days of language learning activities) have been created.

Teach English in Russia

The Course: The Bobby J series has been created in booklet form. At present, the series includes four distinct booklets with each booklet created to address the language learning needs of a particular level of student. At the lowest level, there is a starter book for children who may not have yet started formal schooling and therefore probably haven't yet encountered the English alphabet or for that matter, English. The first level of Bobby J is for children with some experience with English, but who are still feeling their way around grammar and vocabulary. The second level is for intermediate students, usually around 12-14 years old, who have been studying English longer in school, and the third level is for more advanced teenagers who are ready for more complicated grammar and more difficult lexical sets.

The starter book which incorporates cumulative activities and practice of the essential building blocks of English (letters, numbers, colors, etc) is designed to be taught over ten days

Each of the three higher level books is broken into the ten themes mentioned above and includes speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. You do NOT have to use each activity; you should become comfortable enough with your students to know what activities will and, as importantly, will not work with them. By drawing upon the vast selection of activities and materials that have been incorporated into these booklets, you should be able to create lessons that will be appealing to everyone.

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