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At this time Language Link is recruiting teachers for summer camps in various locations. Teachers interested in applying for camps should take a number of issues into consideration when applying.

Camp Location: Language Link tries to offer its client children a number of locations from which to choose. Most camps only require one native English speaking teacher. Therefore, camp teachers should look on this experience as full cultural immersion. You will be surrounded by and in the company of Russian adults and children with English language proficiency levels ranging from beginner through advanced. They will be looking for their camp teachers to integrate into the camp and activity programme. This should be looked on as an opportunity for both personal growth and horizon broadening.

Camp Children: If you have no experience being around children, being a camp teacher is probably not for you. Though Russian children may, in some ways, be different from other children that you may have come into contact with, they are children. Therefore they shouldn't be expected to act differently from other children. Some will be outgoing and enthusiastic while others will be quiet and shy. Some may be spoiled while others may misbehave. Camp teachers should understand and accept this. The best way to win over a child is to try to both understand and accept him or her.

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Teaching Programme: It is difficult to prescribe an exact English language programme for camp children as their levels may, by necessity, be roughly graded. The secret to teaching in a camp is enthusiastic discovery. If you relate to the children that you are teaching, and try to make learning and discovery fun, they will seek you out, and lesson planning will become easier. Likewise, children like to be outdoors. Do not be surprised if a lesson is schedule for lakeside.  Mixed-ability or mixed level classes are a high possibility.

Camp Expectations: Anyone who is familiar with Russia understands that this is a country that lived through seventy years of infrastructure neglect. Do not expect to find five star, western-style facilities in the camps. Likewise, do not expect meals to be gourmet. Language Link hasn't yet lost a camp teacher, but several have happily sought out restaurants in cities that they have visited during or following their camp programmes.

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