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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Since first opening in Russia in 1994, well over 2500 English foreign language teachers have passed through our doors. As we actively maintain a 65% retention rate of our teachers, that means over 1600 of them have remained with us for more than one academic year. In fact, many have stayed with us for three, four and more years. Given this, it is easy to understand why Language Link is more than just a school of English- it's a family. Of course, like most families, we have our disagreements, but when we do, we work twice as hard to find solutions acceptable to all concerned. The proof of this is our teacher retention rate. Simply stated, Language Link is a good organization that places high priority on teacher happiness. However, anyone could say this, therefore we have decided to let our teachers speak for themselves. At Language Link, our best references walk into classrooms.

Amy Gordon – Moscow

Working for Language Link has enabled me to meet some fantastic people (staff, teachers and students) and it has given me a chance to experience life in one of the most historically interesting and culturally rich countries in the world. Read more

Alan Kerr – Moscow In-company

As an In-Company Teacher, I taught classes and individuals in private companies throughout Moscow. This was really in-at-the-deep-end stuff and was pretty scary initially, however Language Link staff (everyone, from the managing director to the administration staff and fellow teachers) were always on hand to offer friendly guidance and support, both academically and socially and this really helped to make things pleasurable, rewarding and fun. Read more

Gregg Blake – Zelenograd

LL Zelenograd has an incredibly friendly administrative and teaching staff. Everyone understands the challenges that come with teaching all age groups and learning levels, and are willing to help each other out whenever and wherever needed. Read more

Matt Morley (Korolev)

When I first started teaching with Language Link I had experience working with Russian teenagers, but didn't really have a solid background in teaching English grammar. However, the staff at Language Link were very helpful and flexible. They took the time to show me how each coursebook could be used with other materials to really get the class communicating.

Nathan Fisher – St. Petersburg

Language Link offered me opportunities that probably never would have otherwise been possible for me. And Language Link supported me every step of the way. I’m familiar with other schools and with teachers employed at other schools. I am confident in saying that Language Link surpasses the typical standard in many areas! Read more

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