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Alan Keir

On informing my friends and family that I was going to to teach English in Moscow, reactions ranged from 'That's really cool' to 'That's a ridiculously hare-brained scheme'. If truth be told, I wasn't entirely convinced myself that it was the best place to go for a teacher with no experience, especially in February.

After having spent six months living and working in Moscow however, I would recommend this experience to anybody and especially as a Language Link Teacher.

As an In-Company Teacher, I taught classes and individuals in private companies throughout Moscow. This was really in-at-the-deep-end stuff and was pretty scary initially, however Language Link staff (everyone, from the managing director to the administration staff and fellow teachers) were always on hand to offer friendly guidance and support, both academically and socially and this really helped to make things pleasurable, rewarding and fun.

Language Link also sorted me out with a warm and secure flat, close to a metro station, shops and other Language Link teachers, and also took care of issues such as visa registration and health care, which was great as it made things stress-free and less hassle.

To sum up, I thoroughly recommend Language Link as an organisation that highly values its teachers and their professional development, while Moscow itself is an amazing, exciting place to live with so much to see and do.

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