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Alex Philips

The Language Link Teacher Internship Training Programme- hard work that paid off

I first came out to Russia with only one aim – get to Russia. I had no idea what teaching would be like, in fact I had put very little thought into the idea of actually standing in front of a class and imparting my knowledge to them. As I discovered very rapidly on the internship, there is more to teaching than being a native speaker.

My first lessons here were, to put it mildly, a complete disaster but with the support I have always had from members of Language Link staff I have developed as a teacher, and my early thoughts of Language Link being a means to an end soon disappeared. I have taught English at Language Link for three years and although I cannot say that I have always found it easy, I have certainly enjoyed my time here and will take many fond memories of my time here with me when I return to the UK.

Language Link has helped me in many ways over the past few years; not least by making me realize that I actually really enjoy teaching. From arriving here with nothing, I am now confidently able to go back home knowing that what I have learned here will stand me in good stead for the future. The internship is a great introduction to teaching, and there is always such a variety of different people here that it is very easy to find one’s niche. Language Link has been a great experience for me and I will always be grateful that it gave me so many different opportunities. 

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