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Ben Koper

The money wasn’t great but what a time I had

In September of this year, I left both Moscow and Language Link after two years of teaching. Language Link was a great experience for me. I can say that I probably actually got out more out of it than I actually put in. The more you are willing to take on, the more you will improve. There are constant challenges dealing with a wide variety of clients. This has been a great joy for me. I loved the diversity of the students. The work experience was coupled with the wonderful personal experiences that I had in building relationships with the staff and students. Language Link is a fantastic place to gain real work experience and develop skills. This part is a bonus after the salary that cannot be measured. That said, Language Link does pay all taxes on your salary and provides free accommodations, health insurance, travel allowance, paid holiday and visa support. Of no less importance, the fact that Language Link was my visa sponsor (and not some company which was paid a fee to invite me to Russia) is my assurance that I was working in full compliance with the law. I therefore wholly recommend Language Link.

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