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Charlie Openshaw

Working in Korolev for Language Link

To whom it may concern,

Coming to the end of a contract, it is natural to look back on the time spent with a company, and make an assessment of the value of that time. My impression of the 9 months has been overwhelmingly favorable.

There can hardly be a greater relief than emerging from the gloom of the customs hall at Sheremetyevo Airport and seeing someone holding up a card with 'Language Link' written on it. And this has been the story ever since. The considerable Russian Bureaucracy has been made to seem tame, as all problems of visas, passports, etc. are solved without difficulty.

As for the job itself, the office in Korelov is run efficiently and any complications are swiftly dealt with. The salary has easily been enough to cover all expenses, especially as accommodation is provided. Help is at hand for any difficulties, and regular observations and training sessions give valuable advice.

To someone considering working in Russia, I would without reservation recommend Language Link, not just because of the enjoyable time I have spent here, but also for the reassuring feeling that there is always someone, no further than at the end of a phone, to help willingly, and that you are not abandoned in deepest, darkest Russia alone.

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