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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Jeff Weitzel and Nina Farmer

I’d like to write you to compliment you on your school and to let you know that our time teaching at Language Link was a very positive experience for us both. From the very beginning, we were handled very professionally, and Language Link always gave us a lot of support, from visa assistance to helping to answer our questions before we left. We had traveled before, but Russia is such a different country in so many ways that it was very comforting knowing that we had the support we did.

As a couple (especially a mixed US/UK couple), visa support and document assistance are very important. After previous headaches with immigration officials and consulates, it was nice to be given specific directions to take us through the visa process. And when a problem did arise (though to be honest it was simply a misinformed/ uncooperative consular rep, not LL’s fault), Language Link gave us fast, on-time assistance and was very understanding as to the promptness which the situation required. Upon our arrival you were very helpful with regards to our accommodation and scheduling. The fact that the Company Director is also in such close contact with his employees from start to finish also speaks volumes for the kind of company this is.

We came to Russia fairly Naïve about its customs, people or even the language. With the support of the staff, administration and fellow teachers we were able to acclimate ourselves better to the environment. Their compensation package was excellent, and it was reassuring to have a good insurance provider as well as accommodation included. I would gladly take these benefits over a small difference in pay.

Language Link also had many opportunities for growth internally, and had we stayed longer it would have been a good company to gain valuable experience with. The company is also a known presence in both Moscow and Russia, and to work for a stable, well-known, and completely legal company was great piece of mind in such a fast-paced, ever-changing environment such as Moscow.

We would highly recommend Language Link to any teacher wanting to work in Russia. We had an excellent experience with them from start to finish.

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