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Julie Gill

Julie GillI have been teaching for the last seven years of my life in some form or another. I graduated University with an education degree and chose to use experience rather than more University education to further my career. I believe that I learn more through challenge than through tests. That said, I have taught in more settings to a wide variety of ages and clients and was mesmerized by the promise of Language Link here in Russia. With all the immigration politics and living quarters taken care of completely by the organization, I was free to focus on teaching and learning from a new group of students and teachers.Julie Gill I went through the first two weeks as an intern to learn how LL worked and what it expected and instead, I was surprised to find what it offered. I was shown new classroom management techniques, provided with a plethora of teaching materials, and shown support from everybody in the company. In the past nine months, I feel I have become a better teacher and a good friend to many of my students. That is what this program is all about. Each country in the world has its own unique culture, but this international diversity is bridged through teachers and students. Thank you for this experience Language Link!

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