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Natalie Beach

Centre Profile: Moscow

Moscow — the city

Moscow and I have had a love-hate relationship during the past three years. I arrived knowing very little about its history, culture, or people, generally I always try to arrive in a new city with no expectations then I can never be disappointed and that I certainly haven't been.

I think it would be difficult not to have such a relationship with city that holds such extremes. It will shock and surprise you in one breath! Here where Communism fights with Capitalism, the long cold winters thaw into hot sweltering summers barely allowing spring or autumn time to happen. Exuberant wealth casts guilty shadows on extreme poverty. You will be touched by the warmth and generosity of some of the people and yet in the next moment angered by the cold rudeness of others. It is a city, which will overwhelm you with its culture, theatres, museums, and exhibitions, yet sadden you with its kiosk life. Pollution, alcohol, and degradation are thrown in your face. Beautiful architecture stands side by side with ugly grey blocks.

For me it is dramatic, exciting, and inspiring, but also it can be depressing, sad, and frightening. As I said before I both love and hate it but maybe I love it more than hate it because I'm coming back for yet another year.

Language Link as a company

In the thirty-six months I've been working with Language Link I have always been given advice, support, and understanding whenever I have needed it.

In the past I have worked for various companies large and small in different areas of business. I therefore feel I am able to give an honest, reliable opinion of how the company is run. Under the difficult conditions that any company in Moscow has to operate, I can only say it is well organised and professional in all aspects. There is always a warm, friendly environment whenever you arrive in the offices. Both Rob Jensky (General Director) and Pam Timmins (former D.o.S.) I feel are friends as well as colleagues. As long as you are willing to give as well as take, support the company as well as expect support then you will enjoy working for Language Link.

(N.B.: My experience is limited to working in Moscow.)

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