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Sam Blackwell

Having studied some Russian at university and just completed a CELTA course, I knew that I really wanted to go and work in Russia. When I researched teaching opportunities here I was overwhelmed - there were so many and some seemingly excellent offers! I didn't really have a clue what Language Link were like before applying for the job but having spent an unforgettable 9 months in Russia I realise it was a really good choice.

Moscow is buzzing with opportunities, few more so than in the EFL market which is really good for us teachers but my advice is to think really carefully before choosing which school to work with. The city seems increasingly European but sadly Russia hasn't yet managed to get over its love of bureaucracy. Visas, tax on foreigners and the usual red tape is everywhere and can be a real headache for employers and employees alike. Many schools take the risky short cut of simply employing their teachers illegally - anyone who knows just a bit about Russia can imagine how much hot water you could potentially get into with the authorities here! Language Link is one of the very few who give you a full teacher's visa, correct registration and legal working conditions.

There's also the issue of where to live - LL won't leave you out in the cold! They won't give you a penthouse but you'll have a warm, functional flat with everything working. Basically it's all done for you so you can enjoy every minute of Moscow's many thrills!

As a company Language Link is friendly and caring. You have free access to all the books you need, computers and academic support. The LL team, with both Russian and foreign staff, seems to work really well with a great vibe - never short of laughs even when it's minus 25! If you're interested in the language, Language Link's Russian section can offer you really useful classes at a very reasonable price - I had a wonderful teacher who really helped me get into every aspect of Russian life and culture.

I'll never forget my 9 months with Language Link - I developed teaching skills, learnt a lot more Russian, met brilliant people from many different countries and just thoroughly enjoyed it! I came to Moscow as an inexperienced teacher, nervous about living in such a different place of such huge proportions. Language Link helped me to settle in quickly to get the most out of it, I'm convinced anyone with an open mind can have an equally great experience. Good luck! Sam Blackwell

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