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Sarah Puett

Going to Russia isn’t for everyone, in fact, it wasnt for me. I didnt know what to think when I arrived, and in a way I still dont know what to think of the place. I may not know what to think of Russia as a country, but I do know what to think of Language Link - the company.

The company, its many teachers and administration staff are friendly, supportive and helpful. I found if I needed help there was always someone in the company who was willing to lend a hand. I came to Russia as a qualified English teacher with a years experience in Indonesia behind me and know the value of having accommodation, visas and all the proper documents that ensure your time in the country goes smoothly. I was also impressed at the amount of resources that were available to the teachers, the great academic support that was on hand and general positive feeling among the teachers.

I really enjoyed my time working for Language Link, the fifteen months I spent teaching went by so quickly. I will remember the time there in a positive light and I hope the same will be said for you if you choose to work there.

Language Link
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