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Stuart Torn

Working for Language Link

Only a couple of years ago, if you woke up and found yourself contracted to teach in Moscow, then the chances were that you'd drunk too much at the end of a Uni` party and signed a year of your life away. How things have changed! Now, if you are lucky enough to be here it is because you are one of the lucky few chosen from literally hundreds of 'sober applications'.

So why did you choose Language Link? Probably you didn't; you had applications in everywhere. And why not? But did you win the TEFL lottery? I think you did.

Language Link and its management team have been here longer than all the rest, they're bigger than anyone else in Eastern Europe, and they're pretty good at picking teachers who help keep them in first place.

What do you have to do for them/ what will they do for you? Whether it's self-improvement or guided development, you can be sure the opportunities ahead are numerous. All Directors of Study are chosen internally so everyone along the management chain understands implicitly both your worries and your needs whether they be teaching or Russia related.

However, anyone could have written that, so I'll give you my personal testament and tell you why I'm grateful to Language Link. I was to a certain extent allowed to work to my own agenda and not pushed into teaching levels I didn't feel confident about. However once I'd proved myself both in my own mind and in the eyes of others, I was given the chance and actively encouraged to teach examination classes, advanced classes, business classes, to try administration (not my cup of tea), DOS work and various other aspects of English Teaching throughout my four years here. At all stages during this development the channels of communication were wide open in both directions and the help that Rob and his team have given me both during my contracted time and since have afforded me the chance for professional development that I don't believe I would have found anywhere else.

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