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Tim McAlpine

My time with Language Link

I completed a 9-month teaching contract with Language Link. Throughout this period, I found Language Link an excellent and thoroughly trustworthy employer. This latter virtue is of particular significance when working abroad. In circumstances where care is uncertain, among many other things, of the legal system and the rights, if any, of employees, one has a tendency to feel rather powerless and defenceless. One is, therefore, naturally dependent on one's employer not only, as it were, for one's bread, but also for the roof over one's head and the right of residency in the country. One is, in other words, utterly dependent on one's employer and is in a position of weakness, a position an unscrupulous employer could exploit without reserve. It is in these particular circumstances that the trustworthiness of Language Link is especially appreciated. Far from exploiting the powerlessness of its teaching staff, Language Link recognizes that its present and future viability is founded on its ability to attract and keep high quality teachers. Thus, it spares no effort in ensuring that the professional and personal demands of its teachers are as fully satisfied as possible. It makes its teachers feel valued; it encourages them to take a responsible and critical attitude to their classes and has an especially enthusiastic welcome for innovative and imaginative approaches to the teaching of English. As a consequence, the standard of teaching at Language Link is probably unmatched in Russia. Despite the relatively high cost of courses (principally as a result of an unfavorable exchange rate) students receive, in my view, excellent value for money, and the consciousness of providing a good service sustains teachers' morale at a high level, which is reflected in classroom performance.

I enjoyed my time with this outstanding English school and would happily work for Language Link again in the future.

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