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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Tony McHugh

Taking a closer look at Language Link

As a newly qualified teacher I found that by working for Language Link I was able to gain teaching experience in a relaxed and helpful environment. Any difficulties I had, either professional or personal, for example, information requested by the Student Loan Company, was dealt with efficiently.

Financially, the wages paid by Language Link are more than sufficient for living comfortably in Russia. In addition, airfares, visa expenses and accommodation are paid by the company.

My accommodation was very good and my landlord was helpful on the few times he was required. The teaching centre where I worked is situated on the outskirts of Moscow. I enjoyed the way of life there and although entertainment is limited, there are enough activities to prevent boredom.

For these reasons I have decided to renew my contract with Language Link and return to Russia in September.

Vidnoye, although categorised as part of Moscow, is a long way from city life. So if you're looking for an action-packed nightlife, I wouldn't recommend going there.

Having said this, there are plenty of facilities in the town. Sometimes the difficulty is finding them; however there is a swimming pool, a sauna, a cinema, a launderette and a few bars and restaurants. There is also an excellent sports ground and there are skiing facilities nearby.

I like the market, which, although small, is usually well supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables, and the stall-holders are normally very friendly.

The Language Link centre in Vidnoye is well organised and the local Director is young, energetic and friendly, and the majority of students will make you feel welcome.

What I like best about Vidnoye are the forest walks. Even in the middle of winter they are very enjoyable. Once you get into the heart of the forest, it's difficult to imagine that there is any civilisation nearby. So if you prefer peace and quiet to city life, Vidnoye might be the place for you.

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