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Veronica Armendariz

Veronica ArmendarizAfter I had finished my career as a college student, I set out fresh with a new degree in hand with the intention as many have during this time to “change the world.” Because I had majored in Political Science with a concentration on Russian Elections, I decided to go back to Russia for a while. I was curious to try my hand at teaching and I was in the running for a Fulbright Teaching Grant to get me there. At the very last minute, however, Fulbright sent me their letter of rejection and I immediately looked for another way to get some experience teaching in Russia. That is how I found Language Link. In retrospect, I never in my life thought I would love teaching and I never thought I would stay for as long as I did.

I started my 3 year career with Language Link as an intern. What initially attracted me to the intern program was the amount of training and support I would receive before and during my teaching experience. Because of Language Link’s wonderful support system and training and because I enjoyed teaching as well, I made the decision to return for a second year as a certified EFL teacher. As my second year with Language Link carried on, it became apparent to me that I wanted to take on a more active role with the company. I had had such a good experience with Language Link’s Academic Support system that I wanted to be a part of it and give back what I had received. In my final year with Language Link, I served as one of the Directors of Studies for one of the branch schools in the region of Moscow. My job as a Director of Studies was more challenging and carried many extra responsibilities however it also proved to be the most rewarding of my three years here.

What I have gained in my three years with Language Link is upmost respect for teachers and the teaching profession. I am truly honored and very thankful for the all-around wonderful experience I have had here as an intern, teacher, and DOS. I have also made many friends inside and outside of the company that I will hold dear with very fond memories for the rest of my life. Now as I continue on into the world of academia, I find myself standing out because I have such a unique experience that none of my other graduate peers have. I honestly feel that my experience will continue to reward me as I go on to new things, and I owe all my gratitude to Language Link.

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