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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Intern Teachers

Nathan Fisher: Nathan came to Language Link as an intern teacher with an assortment of other skills. As a result of having already lived and worked in Russia, Nathan was fluent in Russian which provided him with the opportunity to do a 'split program'. As such, Nathan spent half his time teaching English and the other half doing pastoral care for undergraduate Russian language students who had come to Russia from British universities to study Russian. Nathan proved himself to be a consumate professional.

Oksana Istomin: Oksana can best described as someone who is there when you need her. She has never shied away from a challenge and has given 110% even when less would have been sufficient. With four years as a teacher and senior teacher in our Zelenograd school, Oksana is someone you can always count on for advice and help.

Mark Joel: Mark entered Language Link's Internship Training Program after a short career working in business. Following the initial training program, Mark was able to combine his interest in business with teaching by taking up a teaching post with Language Link's Corporate Client Training Department. Mark must have enjoyed the teaching; he stayed a second year with Language Link.

Keith Price: Keith came to Language Link for a language school in India where he received little academic support. Because of this, Keith opted to go through Language Link's Initial Teacher Intern Training Program before starting his teaching with Language Link.

Jennifer Kelly: Jenn, a young Canadian, came to Language Link in search of a teaching opportuntunity that didn't require prerequisite teaching qualifications. Not only did Language Link's internship training programme meet her needs, but subsequently, Jenn discovered a number of other job opportunities with which to grow professionally.

Joe Dewhurst: Joe came to Language Link as an intern teacher. Born and raised in the big city- London, Joe was assigned to our Zelenograd school where he spendt the next two years teaching English, first and an intern teacher and then as an EFL teacher.

Leighton White: Leighton an American IT consultant decided to take a year off from work to try something new and perhaps learn a little Russian. Though it is not certain how much Russian Leighton acquired, his teaching skill spoke for themselves.

Jim Nockels: Jim joined the Internship training programme in September 2005. Being assigned to Mitischie, a Moscow outskirt's teaching school, didn't stop Jim from demonstrating what he was made of. Having found life in Mitischie much to his liking,, Jim stayed on to become both a senior teacher and an Assistant Director of Studies.

Alex Philips: Alex was an intern teacher for whom teaching didn't come easy. Though she had to work harder than the others, her hard work paid off. She stayed with Language Link more than three years and when she departed, she did so as a Director of Studies.

Aleisha Bald: Aleisha came to Language Link from the 'Land down under'. Her first Language Link teaching experience, teaching English in a summer camp in the St. Petersburg area, served as excellent on-the-job training in preparation for Language Link's Internship Training Program.

Ben Koper: Ben, after a shaky start (as is usual for most inexperienced teachers) put his teaching into high gear. within a very short time, Ben was not only popular with his young learner classes but well respected by his adult students. Ben, never gave himself as much credit as he was due.

Dave Morgan: Dave only worked with Language Link for three months. Just into his teaching contract, Dave was offered the opportunity to apply for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Far be it from Language Link to stand in the way of a boyhood dream. Eventually, however, Dave decided not to follow thru on his application and returned to Language Link, this time, not as a teacher, but as a student in our School of Russian Language Studies.

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