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Aleisha Bald

Having the opportunity to participate in the Language Link internship has really given me the confidence to head off to my current posting and feel I can do well. Being able to observe experienced teachers and practice teaching ourselves really gave us an insight into the whole teaching experience. Being looked after in regards to our visas, registration, flats (fridges & phones) and future placements really makes the whole daunting prospect of moving to another country (where you can't speak the language) much more manageable.

Epilogue: Following Aleisha's first year with Language Link, Aleisha stayed on with us for another year-and-a-half (see letters below). During this time, Aleisha's strong desire to excel in the EFL arena led her to become both a senior teacher and an assistant teacher trainer who taught new intern teachers the fundamentals of good teachership.


Hi there Rob,

Just wondering if you could give me some information about the summer camps this year. I'm considering staying for the summer and then heading off to wherever my travels take me.

I'm enjoying my time out here as I love the group I'm with in Zgrad, however I have a yearning desire for some hot weather (though I'm actually appreciating the freezing stuff we've had here, it's all a first for an Australian girl!).

So if you'll consider me for the coming camps I'd be much obliged. Would I have a choice of where I could possibly go?

Look forward to hearing from you,



Hello Rob,

I've got some good news and some bad news depending on what way you want to look at it. I want to stay until summer 2007. Things are going really well out here, so I want to take on another winter . . . .

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