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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Joe Dewhurst

Joe Dewhurst I worked for Language Link for two years in the beautiful city of Zelenograd, starting as an intern and then spending a year as a qualified teacher. I would like to tell you about my experience of working for Language Link and why I think it is a good company to join.

To start with the teaching side of things, as an intern I was given an excellent grounding in the basic skills by Jennifer Wendt. Although she can be somewhat intimidating (she still terrifies me) I could not have asked for a better and more entertaining introduction to the job. The course was extremely practical with plenty of “real-life” practice from the out-start. Her feedback during this time was clear and direct and what I at first thought was harsh criticism turned out to be important advice that saved me a lot of trouble once my training had finished. Moreover, when my work started Language Link made sure my professional development did not end. My DOS’s were very approachable and willing to answer any questions I had. Added to this my progress was kept on track by being regularly observed and I was given detailed and constructive feedback.

Joe DewhurstLanguage Link also took care of lots of the important jobs which are essential for foreigners working in Russia. Chief among these are obtaining visas and accommodation. Anyone like me who has had to arrange their own visa will know what a long drawn-out process getting one can be. Language Link took this considerable worry out of my hands. Similarly, I was provided with a comfortable and spacious flat where any problems I had were quickly dealt with.

Whilst working in Russia I also had no shortage of friends or things to do in my free time. Working within such a large organisation I found myself in touch with a wide group of people and my free time was crammed with excursions and social events. Among the highlights of these were the Language Link Anniversary and Christmas parties which I recommend any new teachers to attend.

All in all, I would say that Language Link is an ideal company for anyone interested in teaching in Russia as you will be working within an organisation that understands and responds to the difficulties of being a foreigner there. Further to this, anyone with a desire to improve their teaching will find excellent training and support. I would go as far as saying that the positive experience I had working for Language Link has spurred me to pursue a teaching career in the UK.

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