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Mark Joel

Language Link make what really is quite a difficult experience very easy for native speakers who want to try TEFL in Russia. They really do put the welfare of their teachers first and the package reflects this, including everything from your flights, to your accommodation. All you need to do is get on the plane and brace yourself for something completely different.

As an intern teacher, who wasn't even aware of past tense verbs, I found it difficult to get back in the classroom and learn something new. However, due to the hands on nature of the course and the teachers, I was soon confidently presenting grammar to groups of real students, then after a bit to my surprise actually teaching them something.

I stayed and worked in Moscow along with many other interns and the network of friends I made both from Russia and all over the world was brilliant. Moscow is one of the fastest changing places in the world offering much in the way of culture and entertainment and it completely blew my brains out.

If you fancy the idea of Russia and TEFL and you don’t mind hard work (this is not a holiday) then I am sure you will get something truly amazing from this experience and not just a Russian hangover.

Many thanks.

P.S. Buy a big coat it gets a bit chilly around November.

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