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Oksana Istomin

I came to LL in December 2004. I had been working for a medical center in Cleveland, TN as an office manager as well as the billing and scheduling coordinator. I absolutely hated my job! I really wanted to try working in a different field but had no idea what I wanted to do. My friend was working in Paris as an EFL teacher and suggested that I give it a try as he found it very rewarding. I started looking on the internet for teaching jobs abroad. However, because I had very limited teaching experience, it was impossible to find a decent job. LL was very attractive because they offered an internship program. I applied and within a week I received an email from Rob Jensky giving details about the company, the internship program, and other very useful information about living in Russia. LL offered me a position and I accepted. I completed the internship program which left me extremely well-prepared for the job.

I am now starting my fourth academic year with LL. I've been working in Zelenograd, which is a suburb of Moscow. I love my job and Russia. The working environment is friendly and professional and the local staff are very accommodating. This has been a great learning experience for me, not only professionally, but personally as well. Working in Russia is fascinating because it affords me an opportunity not only to observe but to become a part of a land and a culture that is completely unfamiliar (to say the least) to most westerners. I would strongly recommend LL to anyone looking to start a new career or to anyone who wants to experience a new culture.

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