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TEL Teachers (Teaching European Languages)

Though Language Link is best known as a school of English, we also employ a number of French, Italian, German and Russian teachers. This being the case, Language Link would be remiss in its obligation to these teachers if it didn't open up a section for them to offer their feedback in the form of testimonials hopefully and or cooments concerning the company. Though this section is 'light' on testimonials at this time (we've only just started it September 2007), we're going to chase up our former TEL teachers and ask them for their input on the kind of employer Language Link has been to its teachers from the continent.

Marie Aubier (France): J’ai travaillé neuf mois à Language Link en tant que professeur de français. More

Cristiano Righi (Italy): Senza badare troppo ai fronzoli e alle sottigliezze vorrei chiarire qui di seguito cosa penso di Language Link cercando di mettermi, come comunque mi ci sono già messo, nei panni di una persona interessata ad una collaborazione con questa scuola, sperando che la mia esperienza di insegnamento come Professore di Lingua Italiana e di vita nella città di Mosca possano chiarire le idee a chi volesse tentare a sua volta questa avventura. More

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