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Translators, Editors and Proofreaders

Each year Language Link's Translation Bureau offers several positions to native speaking translators, editors and proofreaders. Working in close conjunction with the Bureau's native Russian speaking translators, our native English speaking staff have not only developed their skills to a high level but have also developed friendships which continue long after their time with Language Link is over.

Audrey Wood was one such native speaking translator-editor. Her year with Language Link was as much memorable for Audrey as it was for us.

In Audrey's words . . .

Upon graduating from university in 2005, I was eager to find a position that would allow my to utilize and develop the Russian language skills I had cultivated during my studies and, preferably, give me the chance to live or at least travel in the magnificent country I had long dreamt of visiting—Russia. Imagine my excitement when I learned of the opportunities offered by the Language Link Translation Bureau in Moscow: a full-time, contracted position to work as a Translator/Editor in their office! The application process involved several forms, a few test translations, and then telephone interviews with two directors. Before I knew it, I had signed a year-long contract, got a visa, bought my ticket, and was wide-eyed, on my way to Moscow.

The company takes in dozens of teachers each year, and the friendly (and patient!) staff is skilled in everything that goes into getting you set up: visa applications, registration, housingthey even meet you at the airport to take you to your place, which was great for me, because it was my first time in the country and, admittedly, I was really nervous. Language Link rents flats all over the city for its teachers, and translators get placed with one or two of them, each person getting their own room. My experience in this regard was beautiful, as the teachers and, later, other translators that I lived with became wonderful friends and an important part of my life in Moscow. Language Link employees are a very social lot, and there are always several who are up for exploring the city or other towns around Moscow, catching a movie, or having a beer.

I am eternally grateful to Language Link for the valuable experience that my work there afforded me. Not only did my vocabulary and knowledge of the specific style and structure of written Russian improve vastly through my exposure to texts in numerous fields, I gained important cultural knowledge due to the quantity of literary, historical, and political references used in written Russian. In order to translate these well, one must first understand what they mean in Russian. The scope of texts I worked with was wide: passports, college transcripts, contracts, company charters, medical articles, patents, real estate appraisals, recommendation letters, reports, and on and on. By the end of my 12-month contract, I had gained a level of dexterity with Russian legal and business language that I would have thought impossible a year earlier. In addition to this, the opportunity to work in a Russian office with Russian colleagues was an indispensable part of the whole experience: the men and women in this office are highly-educated, friendly, and warm; they made me feel like a welcome member of the collective from the very first day.

Again, thank you Language Link for the experience of a lifetime!

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