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Translation Opportunities

“The best translators slip into the glove of a text and then turn it inside out into another language, and the whole thing comes out looking like a brand-new glove again.”
- Alma Guillermoprieto, 1949-

Every year Language Link Russia’s Translation Bureau in Moscow offers various opportunities for English native speakers whose level of Russian is upper-intermediate or above (i.e. speak and write Russian fairly fluently and accurately, and understand over 75% of standard spoken and written Russian without the aid of a dictionary).

A decision about suitability for these opportunities is based on the results of 2 pre-interview tests (one for translation from Russian to English, and one for proof-reading an English text), plus a telephone interview. Previous experience is not a prerequisite to acceptance to any of these positions, though your education and any experience you may have in related fields will be taken into account as part of the application process.

Choose from the following options:

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