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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Welcome to Language Link's Vacancy pages. Each year, especially in September, January and June, Language Link offers employment to over 150 native-speaking teachers. Though the vast majority of these jobs are given to English teachers, there are a number of openings available to French, Italian and German teachers as well.

Though we would love to fill all our yearly needs in September, this, unfortunately, is impossible as Language Link is continually expanding its teaching operation. Normally, this occurs in two ways: either an existing Language Link centre needs to increase the number of its teaching staff (or must replace a member of it) OR a new Language Link centre opens. Needless to say, the former occurs more frequently than the latter. Regardless of the reason, all available openings are posted on our General Openings page.

If you are planning your next teaching assignment and it coincides with either September, January or June, then Language Link invites you to browse its General Openings for 2017-2018 page.

At this time, Language Link is actively recruiting for September 2017.

If on visiting our 'General Openings for 2017-2018' page, you are interested in a particular opening, then simply click on the city for more information concerning that particular teaching post. If you are interested in a particular centre for which there are no vacancies, then we invite you to apply online for the next available opening. Your application will be placed into our database and you will be notified when an opening arises. Of course, if you believe your CV (and teaching skills) merit both immediate consideration and placement, then we invite you to apply online and to follow up your application with a letter of motivation highlighting your skills, abilities and talents. Experience has shown us that a school can never have too many good teachers. Therefore, don't let the words 'No openings' put you off.

Regardless of whether you are applying for a current or future opening, Language Link will confirm receipt of your online application form and thereafter verify your references. On receipt of two favourable references, you will again be contacted and given additional information concerning possible start dates.

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