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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Programme Overview

Language Link's Volunteer Programme is extremely flexible, and is tailored to suit the interests and abilities of each participant. You may volunteer for between 10 and 30 hours per week, and choose up to 3 of the following options (provided you are suitably qualified):

Teaching Assistant
Available in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd

As a volunteer Teaching Assistant, you will be assigned to one of our foreign language departments to help teach English, French, German, Italian or Spanish as a foreign language under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Following an initial week of basic training, you will begin assisting in the classroom, where your responsibilities may include leading discussions, acting as a conversation partner and helping the students overcome their language learning difficulties or lack of confidence on a one-to-one basis. You may be asked to assist in lessons taught by Russian EFL teachers to improve students' pronunciation and understanding of the language as spoken by a native-speaker. There may also be the chance to help in lessons with children or young learners.

If you demonstrate particular ability in the classroom and receive approval from your supervisor, you may later be offered further training and the opportunity to be 'promoted' to the position of Teacher-Intern. As such, you would be assigned your own classes and receive wages for teaching independently.

Student Welfare and Activities Assistant (SWA)
Available in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd

This position involves arranging excursions and extra-curricular activities for students and teachers at Language Link. Depending on your own strengths and interests, you could organise cultural trips for students of Russian as a foreign language, English discussion clubs for Russian students of English, video nights, company celebrations (for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc) or anything else linked to your personal hobbies and talents. Additional responsibilities sometimes include the upkeep and upgrade of the school's video and book libraries and editing the company's 'tongue-in-cheek' newsletter, 'The Missing Link'.

Administrative Assistant in the RFL Department

Available in Moscow

Language Link's Department of Russian as a Foreign Language accepts a limited number of volunteers to assist with its everyday work, such as the creation of promotional materials, pamphlets and brochures, liaising with clients, translating and editing, writing articles for the website and conducting market research.

Educational Consultant
Available in Moscow

If you choose to volunteer as an Educational Consultant your role will be to assist in Language Link's Education Abroad Department, which helps and advises Russians who wish to study overseas. Working under the guidance of the Head or Assistant Head of Department, you will be involved with the department's everyday work, e.g. advising students on what it's like to study in your native country, assisting students with paperwork, applying for visas and/ or explaining cultural traditions. Other functions may include assisting with travel, education and tourism exhibitions, making presentations in schools, creating bulletin boards and displays and contacting educational institutions overseas to obtain information.

Project Manager
Available in Moscow

In this role you will be responsible for overseeing short-term projects, such as developing newsletters, academic programmes and teaching materials, new website features, or other ideas you suggest yourself to improve and expand services for Language Link's clients. Previous volunteer projects have included creating a 'photo gallery' for Language Link's website, and producing a newsletter for study abroad agents.

IT / Internet Specialist
Available in Moscow

Volunteers who demonstrate the necessary skills can work in the IT and Marketing Department under the supervision of Language Link's Systems Administrator. Typical tasks include assisting with hardware maintenance, installing software and troubleshooting network problems. Internet specialists such as html programmers can work with Language Link's Head of Marketing, performing website-related duties in keeping with their skills.

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