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At Language Link we do our best to provide high standard programmes ensuring that our volunteers have an enriching and worthwhile experience. However, rather than just take our word for it, here is what some of our more recent volunteers had to say about the LL Volunteer Programme:

James Ma (from UK) - Moscow (volunteer teaching assistant)

Having known no words of Russian before arriving, I was keen to take the included Russian classes and pick up a few phrases, alongside my main task of teaching English as a volunteer. In actual fact, under the guidance of the brilliant teachers at Language Link, my knowledge of Russian soared skywards over the 6 weeks, far exceeding my expectations. As I spent more time on the English teaching side of things, I began to understand why my Russian had advanced so quickly. The reasons being that all the teachers at Language Link, whether they teach English or Russian, are exceptionally well trained and use excellent teaching methods. As a volunteer teaching assistant, I was given a real opportunity to learn from them by getting involved in the lessons and helping out as much as I could outside of the classroom. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding and valuable experience, where I met some fantastic people and would love to go back and do it all again.

Carolyn Kennedy(from USA) - Moscow (volunteer teaching assistant)

Thank you to Language Link for a stimulating and inspiring seven weeks in Moscow. I didnt know what I would do for this period because I knew only a few Russian words. However, not only was the work I was asked to do interesting, I learned more about teaching English than I realized I didnt know. The personnel at Central School and Central Office were most welcoming. I enjoyed the challenge of getting around Moscow with my limited language, meeting several impressive people, both English and Russian; and best of all, I increased my Russian vocabulary immensely. The walk from the school to the central office helped me to gain confidence in my ability to move around the City alone. Victoria was especially effective and flexible as our coordinator/supervisor. Ludmilla was a patient and skillful teacher who helped me in a few short weeks learn the words I needed to explore Moscow. Im now inspired to continue studying Russian and hopefully one day return to this beautiful and friendly country.

Bill Kennedy (from USA) - Moscow (volunteer teaching assistant)

Recently I completed a six week volunteer internship with Language Link, Moscow. My goals were to gain experience as a teacher of English as a second language and to improve my Russian language fluency. Both objectives were fully accomplished, thanks to the outstanding organization and exceptional competence of the Language Link staff.

In the process of completing the internship I observed and assisted in the instruction of 20 different English classes at multiple skill levels. Each instructor whom I encountered was at the highest level of ability, motivation and experience. In addition, the curriculum and lesson planning excelled and it was clear from the student reaction that maximum learning was occurring.

Similarly my Russian language teachers were extremely well qualified, dedicated to the students and most effective in their instruction. My whole experience with Language Link could not have been better. I found nothing but excellence at every level of the institution.

Constantine Apostolopolous (from Canada) - Moscow (volunteer teaching assistant)

I would like to say thanks to Language Link for my short stay in Moscow. It was a wonderful experience. Language Link was very helpful and flexible in accommodating me, and I'm thankful for that. My stay in Moscow was unique and eye-opening: my homestay was excellent, the hosts friendly, helpful and very generous. They went of out their way to take care of me. The Language Link support system is unparalleled; I really appreciated the support of teachers, administrators and other staff. I've enjoyed my free Russian classes, and the teachers of both Russian and English are real professionals with thorough knowledge of educational theory and teaching methodology. It was a wonderful place to work and I had a wonderful time. I recommend the Volunteer Programme to anybody interested. It is a valuable work experience! I will treasure my stay in Moscow volunteering for LL, and am already planning my next trip to Moscow. I wish all the best to Language Link and its employees.

Sara Huxley (from England) - Moscow (volunteer teaching assistant) and St Petersburg region (summer camp teacher)

A most interesting visit to Russia. Language Link have been a fantastic company to work for, enabling me to learn Russian, learn how to teach English, and letting me have lots of fun at the same time. I received very good training as a teaching assistant, and training for the camp was even better. I was thoroughly prepared, and thus I had a great time here. Thanks to the staff for all their hard work, and to Liudmila and Marina for making learning Russian so interesting. I'm looking forward to coming back to help out!

Claire Jewkes (from England) - Moscow (volunteer translator/proof-reader)

I had a lot of support from the translation departments at both LL and RBC (Ros Business Consulating, a LL partner). It was interesting to see the tasks translators are asked to complete, questions that come up, and the time restraints involved. I thought all the staff were helpful, welcoming and friendly, and it was a pleasure to work with them. It was extremely good to have lessons in the Russian department as part of the programme: they were all very helpful and improved my Russian in a short time. My hostel accommodation was good, and the International Programmes Department very helpful. I had a very good experience working at LL!

Charlotte (from Ireland) - Moscow (volunteer translator/proof-reader and RFL admin assistant)

Volunteering at LL matched my expectations and more - it could have been a disaster as I had very particular interests and requirements for a short stay, but it was exactly what I needed. The staff in RFL are such lovely people; Masha went out of her way to give me interesting jobs, and there was a great atmosphere in the office. I also learnt a lot in my Russian lessons. The work in the translation department was interesting, and the administrative staff were extremely efficient and helpful. Thanks!

Caleb Waugh (from USA) - Moscow (volunteer student welfare and activities assistant, teaching assistant and education consultant)

I can only say good things about my incredible experience; I fell in love with Moscow and my time at Language Link was wonderful, the staff, the students and the work. The home stay worked out brilliantly, it was a great insight into Russian life and I got on very well with the family. The relaxed and friendly working atmosphere in the office motivated me to do a good job. Working in the classroom was an incredible experience, the students were curious and very eager to get to know me, and therefore it also provided me with a good opportunity to interact with Russians. I also had the chance to take some Russian classes, and I found at the end of my stay in Moscow I had improved drastically in my spoken ability.

For anyone who wants a bit of adventure, who wants to challenge themselves but at the same time have an amazing time in an amazing place, I would recommend Language Link in a second and without hesitation.

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