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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Language Services

Each year thousands of Russian students enter Language Link language courses in order to improve their abilities to function using a foreign language. Though the vast majority of these students enroll in an English language course, increasing numbers of students are now discovering the pleasures of learning a third language such as French, German or Italian. In order to service these markets, Language Link offers dozens of language courses designed to meet the needs of the ever-expanding Russian market.

Our courses: Though most students elect to enroll in a course of study, such courses may be of either an intensive or semi-intensive nature, the difference being in the number of hours of study undertaken in a given week. On average, students will study six academic hours per week either in two or three academic hour blocks of tuition. A general language course, as the name implies, requires that equal time and effort be devoted to the teaching of all four language skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing) as well as grammar.

Examination preparation courses, though less popular than general courses, have their share of adherents. In many ways such courses are a combination of teaching advanced language skills and the format of the exam. Stated differently, the role of the teacher is to familiarize the student with advanced grammar in all its forms spoken, written, read and comprehended as well as to teach the student 'how to' take the particular exam that s/he is aiming for.

Conversational courses, though erroneously thought to be synonymous with informal discussion groups, are structured courses whereby the goal is to increase the students' ability to speak fluently and accurately while being able to comprehend similar such utterance when heard. Though the goal of all communication should be to get the student to use authentic language, this is particularly true in a conversational language course.

Specific purpose language courses round out Language Link's course offerings. Included in this category of courses is the ever-popular business language course. Contrary to popular belief, a teacher does not have to have had experience in business, and though admittedly this might be helpful, most teachers have had enough dealings in the real world to relate their teaching and instruction to familiar circumstances.

Similar to the language courses that Language Link runs for its Russian students are the Russian language courses that hundreds of foreigners come to Russia to attend. As Russia continues to emerge onto the world scene, the popularity of studying the world's fifth most spoken language only looks to increase.

For more information on Language Link language courses and services, continue to browse the pages of this site or visit any of our sister sites found on our Home page.

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