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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Business English & ESP

Business English Communication

Our course in Business Communication is for students who need to improve their communicative ability when socializing, telephoning, presenting, negotiating and/ or taking part in meetings. The course includes:

  • Modular structure for ease of use
  • Focus on listening and speaking
  • Integrated reading and writing tasks
  • Realistic communication activities
  • Language and communication skills checklist in every module

One to One

We offer tailor-made courses, designed to match your business needs. These may include Business/General English combined with a specific professional area, e.g. banking, marketing or intensive exam preparation. Our flexible scheduling allows you to take classes at a time most convenient to you Monday to Saturday.

Specialized Business English

Language Link provides a wide range of Business English Courses either for individuals or companies who wish to focus on a specific professional area, e.g. banking, marketing, hotel and tourism. In these courses we aim to match the needs of the students with those of the workplace today through the extensive use of authentic materials from the student's own place of work, the Language Link Resource Bank and a variety of leading published materials.

Business Examination Courses

Language Link offers a 108-hour examination preparation course for the Cambridge Business English Certificates which are English language qualifications for students wishing to use English for the purposes of international business. It is intended further for students in business or preparing for a career in business and for those people who have an interest in or entering a range of business fields including marketing, production, financial services and general office work. The BEC exams are very practical and focus on the application of language in dealing with real-world business situations. There are three BEC levels:

BEC 1 - Elementary-low intermediate
BEC 2 - Intermediate
BEC 3 - Advanced

At each level there are reading, writing, listening and speaking components.

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