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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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Young Learners

Courses for children and teenagers at Language Link follow a syllabus that has been especially designed to suit the needs of children and teenagers at all levels of proficiency. Through our close links with teachers in local primary and secondary schools, our courses not only aim to give students more confidence and practice in the areas studied within their own schools but also to improve their language skills particularly with regard to speaking, listening, reading and writing. In all our classes we aim to provide a balance of activities and understand that children learn at different speeds and have different interests. With this in mind, lessons, projects and tests have been designed, and are regularly updated by the Language Link Children's Team. These are used alongside a wide variety of leading published materials.

Courses for Children (aged 5 - 11)

We offer a 4-level programme for children aged five to eleven from Elementary to Intermediate level in all our Moscow centres. Our courses mirror our philosophy that children learn best by doing. Songs, games, stories, rhymes, quizzes and projects form the basis of our lessons integrating the key vocabulary and grammatical areas with plenty of practice and revision.

Courses for Teenagers (aged 12 - 16)

In our 5-level programme for teenagers we aim to enable students to build on and improve their existing knowledge of English through a topic-based approach to learning which is relevant and of interest to teenagers. Topics include pop music, social, political and cultural issues, family life and relationships, entertainment, sports, education, etc. Key grammar and vocabulary areas will also be studied and students will have plenty of practice and revision.

Student Progress

We at Language Link understand that parents care about their children's progress. Therefore we have incorporated the following into our courses to keep you informed and help you plan the best possible route for your child's future:

  • Mid and end of term tests
  • Termly report cards
  • Termly parents' meetings
  • Certificates of Achievement

Group size: Maximum 12 participants

Summer Camps

Our two-week English language summer camps provide an enjoyable and relaxing intensive English language programme for both children and teenagers and focus on improving students' all round language ability. The course includes:

  • Language Learning combined with outdoor activity
  • Creating plays, videos and games in English
  • Extended projects on English-language speaking cultures

All students will receive a Language Link Certificate of Attendance at the end of their studies.

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