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International Exams

A large part of the success that Language Link has enjoyed in Russia is due to its achievement in the field of International Examination Preparation. At Language Link, our staff and teachers understand that the job of preparation begins during the pre-course academic interview. It is here that the student must decide which International Exam will fulfill his or her particular needs. Central to this decision is a thorough understanding of two concepts, those being exam recognition and achievement versus assessment.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that few international examinations, if any, actually enjoy universal acceptance. East is east, and west is west, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the domain of examination preparation. At the heart of this conflict, standing at opposite poles, are the United States and Britain, and though Britain seemingly outpaces the US in sheer numbers of English foreign language exams, fielding among others the Cambridge and Trinity College London Exams, IELTS, Pitman and LCCIEB English for Business Exams, The US holds its own with the TOEFL. It should be noted that, though attempts are seriously underway by both countries to obtain recognition for their own exams in each other countries, universal recognition has yet to be obtained. Therefore, students are well advised to first determine whether or not the exam for which they are seeking preparation is recognized in the host country for which the exam results are to be destined.

The second consideration, though of no less importance than the first, is an understanding of the terms achievement and assessment. With regard to the testing of English language skills, achievement refers to one's ability to pass an exam at a given level of language proficiency, and just as one is capable of passing such an exam, so too, is one capable of failing it. Cambridge and Pitman Exams are examples of achievement exams. Assessment, on the other hand, refers to the overall measurement of one's current language proficiency. Unlike a pass-fail exam, an assessment exam only measures your present level of knowledge. The TOEFL and IELTS are defined as assessment examinations. The fact, however, that these two examinations are 'related' by type should not confuse the student into thinking that they have been designed with similar formats. Different test formats indicate different methods of test preparation.

At Language Link, thirty years of experience in conducting international examination preparation courses account for our reputation as a leader in this domain. So as to give our visitors a leg up in understanding the mechanics of several of the more popular international exams, these pages have been prepared for you.

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