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Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

Повышение квалификации учителей английского языка

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TELIP (Test of English for International Purposes)

The ever-increasing emphasis on the attainment of international standards in English language teaching and testing has led many school officials to re-evaluate their own English language programmes. In order to support schools in this process Language Link has developed TELIP, a comprehensive English language testing and evaluation programme for school grades 9 - 11 and university-level students. We offer TELIP at two levels: TELIP (Elementary - Pre-advanced) and TELIP Plus (Pre-advanced - Proficiency). Designed to measure a student's current level of English language proficiency in the key areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary, TELIP represents an invaluable in-house academic and administrative tool.

Why select TELIP?

For companies and individuals:

  • It provides school directors and teachers with an accurate, comprehensive and confidential assessment of their students' English language competence

  • It enables school directors and teachers to measure individual and group performance against international standards

  • It isolates individual and group strengths and weaknesses

  • It enables teachers to track individual and group strengths and weaknesses through test; retest at alternative periods

  • Allows teachers to plan remedial and revision work

T E S T   F O R M A T (Total time: 2 hours 45 minutes)*


a) Multiple choice options focussing on recognition of correct usage

a) Multiple choice questions and answers

b) Word building focussing on range of vocabulary

b) Gapped sentences with one item to transform

c) Sentence transformation focussing on meaning

c) Sentence stimuli to be rewritten with similar meaning

d) Cloze test focussing on recognition of lexical & grammatical patterns

d) Gapped text with 4 choices

READING40 mins1

Multiple choice questions focusing on general information

Text followed by multiple choice questions


Gapped text focusing on text structure

A text from which paragraphs have been removed and students should place paragraphs in the correct place in the text


Multiple choice questions focussing on specific information

Text followed by multiple choice questions

WRITING50 mins1

Writing a transactional letter

Students respond to given stimuli and write between 60 - 80 words


Writing a discursive essay

Students choose one of three questions and respond with 100 - 150 words


Interview focusing on understanding & responding to questions

Interlocutor interviews each student in turn


Collaborative task focusing on exchanging information, giving & justifying opinions

Students work together on task using visual stimuli


Discussion focusing on exchanging opinions and developing argument

Three-way discussion (interlocutor + 2 students) on topics related to collaborative task

*Though the TELIP has been trialed and its results found to be accurate, its format is still in the evolutionary process; thus, the format presented above may differ slightly from its present form.

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